It’s the Little Things

My sister is the best!    She stopped by this afternoon and brought me the cutest little automatic nail dryer.

It’s adorable.  It would be even cuter if the air blew from the little monkey’s mouth… but the air actually blows from a space at the monkey’s “neck”??  I love it already. 

IMG_3595[1] IMG_3596[1] IMG_3597[1]

Now I need to do my nails tonight so that I can use it.

Thanks Shelle Shelle!!! Smile


I had to upgrade my iPhone. 

Concomitantly, I had to search for a new phone case.  The cases in the store are ALWAYS UGLY!  Wait, hideous might be more accurate. And EXPENSIVE! as if the phone didn’t cost enough!  I’ve resorted to the deeply discounted and diverse case designs from And for the price of ONE in the store, I ordered like 7 assorted designs online.  (But why do I need 7 of them??! Smile)

I saw this one…. and instead of purchasing it, I thought I’d try the design on my nails.  LOL. 


And once again, I didn’t look at the picture before I started painting my nails.  HAHAHA.  I don’t know why I do that.  I literally just forget about the picture even though in my mind’s eye, I feel like I see the picture clearly.  I am going to start printing pics out and create a stack of potential manicure designs that will be right next to me at my manicure “station”.

All that to say, my nails didn’t quite turn out like the phone case…

Sinful Colors – “Black on Black”

IMG_3574 IMG_3575

… but I like them anyway.

I used a medium sized dotting tool and dipped it in both the white and dark pink acrylic paint at the same time to create my flower petals.  Then I used yellow acrylic paint for my flower center, and a fine liner monogram art brush with green acrylic paint for my little leaves.

a la Renee

So now that I’ve spent wayyyyyyy too much time viewing Love4Nails youtube videos….. [THANKS RENEE!!!]

I went out and purchased a couple new brushes. 
When I got home, I realized I already had one of the brushes Love4Nails uses in her nail art…. one I NEVER use.  (I have about 21 nail art brushes… and I use dotting tools more than anything. Twenty-one. I probably didn’t need to purchase ANYTHING.)

I also made a few realizations….. I like synthetic brushes better.  Liners are better than spotters.  Acrylic paint is easier for me to control because the consistency doesn’t seem to change.  And I need to practice….. on others.

I wanted some graphic art of my own because I really liked Renee’s:

OPI – “Heart Throb”

IMG_3544  IMG_3545


And I practiced a little on my crazy sister’s nails.  Yes, crazy.  This crazy girl didn’t even want color on her nails (WHAT?!?!)….. well, with the exception of her thumbs.  And she wanted smiley faces with their tongues sticking out on those.  She LOVED the one I made a mistake on…. because it looks like a smirk expression instead of a smile.  SMH.  I love my sister Smile.

IMG_3538  IMG_3539

Graphic Art

When Cheryl asked me to be a guest on the blog, I must admit I was extremely flattered! Thanks Cheryl!!!

I have always loved graphic art designs and decided to try my hand at it in a Pedi.  Surprisingly, I liked it so much I did a matching mani!

This look was inspired by Love4Nails….it reminds me of Mardi Gras! Don’t ask me why, it just does.


The colors I chose are all by China Glaze…the base color is Style Wars, an outrageous Orange that is nothing less than gorgeous when worn alone. The accent colors are Turned Up Turquoise, a familiar color here on Polish2Times, and Frostbite, an absolutely breath taking blue with just the right amount of shimmer. I then used Yellow, Black and White Stripe Rites to create random stripes and dots.


Had I known I was going to be asked to share on the blog, I would have taken pictures of the process and tried not to be so messy.  Next time I’ll be prepared…LOL!


Hope you have as much fun as I did creating some graphic designs.  Enjoy!!!

Here Today, Gone……

China Glaze – “Hey Sailor” & “II”

Nails had to be chopped.  In all their flourishing beauty, sadly they were actually in the way.   Because they were so strong, I had to soak my nails in water to soften them a bit so I could actually cut them.  I wanted the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Here today, gone…well, tonight…

IMG_3509  IMG_3511

I’ve been thinking to test out this “II” color for at least six months. It never seemed the right time.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s a beautiful nude color with the prettiest gold hologram shimmer.  But it’s so sheer, you’d never be able to avoid a visible nail line. 

Enter the beauty of having nubby nails.

IMG_3513  IMG_3514

….and of course, there were dots.  lol

Tape! Tape! Tape!

This has to be the most subtle tape manicure…  BUT it was a total success…. again!  Yay!!! *doing a little jig*

Time consuming? yes.

But I have come to a new appreciation of this tape process.  The clean lines that can be achieved are just flickin’ amazing!  Look:

China Glaze – “Papaya Punch” & “Sun Worshiper”

IMG_3505  IMG_3506

IMG_3507  IMG_3508


The “real life” color is probably somewhere between the first picture and the last picture.  Sun Worshiper is near neon, and Papaya Punch is pretty deep and muted against it. The color change looks a light reflection as opposed to an actual color change. . .


Yes, as in: CHALLENGE!  lol 

challenge [chal-inj]:
–  to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties



Michelle ^^^ in her pretty, strapless, summer garb requested a manicure inspired by her dress print. (Hot mama!)



I started with a basic white nail. [China Glaze – White on White]  And I truly wanted to just stop there.  I love this chic look!! 

IMG_3491  IMG_3492
But then I TOTALLY succeeded with a TAPE manicure!!!! [OPI- Windmillion] Can you believe it?!?!  Shocked the mess out of me.  I may even attempt another tape manicure again in the future.


Followed by a free hand design with acrylic paints and a black nail art striper.


So Michelle???  What do you think? How did I do??

my first love

I remember so clearly the first time…

I was visiting Chicago in February 2001.  Contemplating life.  Contemplating moving.

I went to get a manicure on the referral of a friend.  My nails were probably a good inch long above the free edge (a bit longer than they are now).  I rarely let ANYONE touch my fingernails.  I just didn’t trust them – still don’t.  I HATE filing-happy manicurists in much the same way a lot of Black women hate shear-happy hairstylists, lol.  My nails are natural!  I feel like that abundance-of-filing-crap habit comes from doing acrylic or gel nails…and the like.  So, NO, I do NOT want you weakening and splitting the shit out of my nails with your wretched emery board or buffing square.  GO AWAY!

So this nail salon visit was RARE!

I took the train and got lost.  After finally finding the correct building, I made my way to the elevator.  My poor naïve soul happened to land an elevator ride with a young man reeking of weed.  He was done.  High as hell.   And his half-opened eyelids ratted him out big time.  In my wonderfully sheltered existence, I wasn’t aware at that time, weed is not the “drug” that makes folks dangerous.  So my ignorance made me skeptical and worried. He kept looking at me so I was absolutely certain I was going to have to fight him or something.   I was so relieved when the elevator dinged on “my” floor…

..but why did this dude get off right behind me????….. slowly…. and head in the same direction I went.  OH NO!!!  HE’S FOLLOWING ME!!!!!  😦

We both went into the nail salon.  The manicurist spoke to him…. he had a seat…..

oh. -__-  no harm was to befall me.  smh.

I sat and waited as she polished the client before me who had this STUNNING polish on her nails.  So, I queried, “What color is that?”

“I’m not really a waitress.”

“I’m sorry.”  WTH?! These people are weirdos!  I didn’t ask what she did for a living though.  “No, I was asking what the name of that polish color was.  I like it.”

Turning and facing me with a chuckle, “That’s the name of the polish.  I’m Not Really A Waitress.”  Then she AND the manicurist laughed.

Embarrassed and still slightly puzzled….. “Really????”

That was my introduction to the wonderful world of OPI. LOL.

Their polish naming is probably more popular than their actual polish for most folks.  I have since been in an unfaltering love relationship with “I’m Not Really A Waitress” and OPI.  It’s my favorite nail polish brand, barring none other that I’ve tried.  My second favorite colors are “La Paz-itively Hot” for my toes, and “Cozu-melted in the Sun.”

My love hasn’t died.
My knowledge of weed…. well, now I understand.  hahahahaha

OPI – “I’m Not Really A Waitress”

IMG_3483  IMG_3484