O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Hey Guys!! It’s Duana again!

Although New York has been experiencing some wonderful weather, I’m SO tired of winter and in need of a change from my darker fall/winter manicure colors. To me, summertime means I can paint my fingers and toes with brightest polish I can find, and I LOVE IT!!  When I went into my regular nail salon, I realized that they had begun to expand their summer section (during winter months, they pack up most of the bright colors), and I immediately got excited when I saw “Need Sunglasses?” by OPI.  I just LOVE a bright yellow nail! One thing about this polish is that it goes on very thin. I got these results with three coats.

OPI “Need Sunglasses?”

Don’t judge my cuticles y’all…She hadn’t cleaned them yet. I had to snap the picture while she went to process my payment…lol 🙂

OPI “Need Sunglasses?” paired with Zoya “Areej” for pedicure

3 comments on “O Summer, Where Art Thou?

  1. and not nary a pedicure pic shown….smh. LOL


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