Hey guys, Duana here! It has been sooo long since I posted! I’ve been busy graduating and stuff.  And everyone knows what happens after graduation: the dreaded job search. UGH!

After sending out what seemed to be around 1 million resumes and applying for 15,000 positions, I got a call back from a company in my target region. I got an interview!! Naturally I went on a quest to find the perfect interview pinky-neutral, one that was subtly appropriate, but still packed a punch and made a nice statement.

I came across Zoya’s “Laurie”, a sheer pink that was like a palate cleanser to my usual neon-hued nails.  I loved it! For my pedicure, I went a little bolder with OPI’s “Pink Flamenco”. I love the color combination!

Zoya “Laurie”,  OPI “Pink Flamenco”

P.S. I got the job! The manicure was the clincher, I’m sure of it!! lol…

O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Hey Guys!! It’s Duana again!

Although New York has been experiencing some wonderful weather, I’m SO tired of winter and in need of a change from my darker fall/winter manicure colors. To me, summertime means I can paint my fingers and toes with brightest polish I can find, and I LOVE IT!!  When I went into my regular nail salon, I realized that they had begun to expand their summer section (during winter months, they pack up most of the bright colors), and I immediately got excited when I saw “Need Sunglasses?” by OPI.  I just LOVE a bright yellow nail! One thing about this polish is that it goes on very thin. I got these results with three coats.

OPI “Need Sunglasses?”

Don’t judge my cuticles y’all…She hadn’t cleaned them yet. I had to snap the picture while she went to process my payment…lol 🙂

OPI “Need Sunglasses?” paired with Zoya “Areej” for pedicure

The Red Blues…

Hey everyone!

I’m Duana, first time blogger, long time subscriber. I was introduced to Cheryl and her blog through the wonderful world of Twitter and have since fell in love with her nail art! But, enough about me, let’s talk polish.

I find myself picky in most aspects of life, and my nail polish is no different. A few years back, I tried the perfect red at my local nail salon; it was in OPI’s Christmas collection and I have been searching for it ever since.  None of the polishes I pick have ever come close, and it seems as if the perfect shade of red is about as elusive as a unicorn…hence, my red blues.

One day, as I was walking through my local Target, I stopped in the nail care section (as I often do) and found “Forever Yummy” by Essie.  It was beautiful in the bottle, but made a bunch of promises that it didn’t keep. I needed it to be a little brighter, like a true red/scarlet and not crimson.  It looks nice on my hands, but the red is a little too deep for me.  Check it out…

Essie “Forever Yummy”

It looks brighter in this picture than it actually is. I think it was the bright lights at the nail salon.


This is how it actually looks…pretty, but not what I wanted.