Rose Gold Chrome


It took me at least 6 months to get this to work. 

And after purchasing different product, I realized why. lol
Initially I purchased some little bottle of cheap $2 chrome powder from Amazon. And the first time I used it, I wasn’t entirely unsuccessful. 

But it definitely was not THIS beautiful finish of sparkly reflective perfectly “rosed” gold mirror that happened when I paid $20 for this tiny ass circular dish of silver-hued dust that sticks to everything nearby. 


I can’t even begin to explain the affinity I have for this look. 😂😂

It was beauty in motion. I couldn’t resist talking completely with my hands. 

I used a bright pink no-chip color as my base. (China Glaze Geláze in Shocking Pink)
And then I applied the mirror effect powder. Topcoated. Then gaped lovingly at my fingernails.  😊


I have definitely fallen in love with plaid. 

At least on my nails. It’s a lot of work and effort and steady hands for a good handpainted design……

…..but I found a shortcut. lol

Coconut Nail Art Polish Strips by Incoco. 

Easy, breezy…… and REMOVABLE WITH POLISH REMOVER!!!!!!!!

The fact that it is actual polish is a plus in my book because all those fake nail design STICKERS are trash. They are cute and have great designs, but they ABSOLUTELY do not stay on my nails. 

I’m sure that is a result of user error and hardship. I am really rough on my nails, sadly. Regardless, them stupid sticker suckers NEVER last. Not even a day. 

So these “actual nail polish” strips are gold to me. 

and they are cute!!! lol

To create the same long lasting designs as my hand-painted creations, I used a white no-chip polish, then top coat. Then I applied the polish strips (per the directions on the box. – basically peel and stick. haha). Applied another coat of top coat…cured…. and voilà!! Cute plaid nails for me. 
And yes, I know…. i have neglected my blog for ages. 

It be’s like that sometimes. But for now…..I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack. 😉

Primary Colors

First off….. Nails gone. Lol


I love when my nails get to start over. I’m always the most productive then. 

I like when they grow out as well…. But one of my nails felt like it was about to break, and I wasn’t about to sit and babysit any nails…. Plus I kept accidentally scratching myself. So I cut them off. 

Then finally repolished. 

ibd Just Gel – “Lucky Red”


I created a decal for my ring finger design with a stamp design and added color. Primary colors. Applied over a base of a white no-chip polish. 

Fun stuff…. Will definitely do this again. 😁😁😁


Plaid Again

I did this before…a long time ago. —> “Color Picnic”

I love color. And since its so gloomy, I needed a little brightness.

ibd Just Gel – “Rocco

OPI – “Greenwich Village”
craftsmart acrylic paint – “Ocean Breeze”

craftsmart acrylic paint – “Ocean Breeze”, “Orange”, “Grape Taffy”, “Grey”
OPI – “Green-wich Village”, “Modern Girl”, “Pink-ing of You”, “Can’t Find My Czechbook”


I was inspired by this very sheer and lightly tinted “correcting” polish from Zoya. 
It looks soooo pretty and finished on people’s nails. Non-intrusive and apparently wears extremely well and nourishes the nail. 

But since I’m fully committed to being ’bout this no-chip life…


ibd Just Gel – “Cashmere Blush”


You can barely tell there is polish. Best neutral look ever. 

And here are my nails before the polish: