ShowOff CopyCat

I should probably refrain from trying to give myself a manicure while tipsy.  It was fun, but not presentable. HAHA

I had to take off my first attempt this evening.  LOL.  And since I didn’t have a clue what to do with my nails after my failed efforts….. I copied Duana’s white polish.

I was trying not to be a complete copycat….. and then Chi Chi & Duana called me a showoff…..BUT I WASN’T!!!!!! I promise!

MANNNNNNNNNNN.  Cannot win.  Maybe next time.


Oh my beloved dots… how I’ve missed you so.
This manicure made me so very happy.  It was worth the name-calling.  lmao.

China Glaze – “White On White”
& a slew of magical acrylic paint dots


IMG_3479  IMG_3481