I like these stripes

I was perusing some YouTube videos…. with no expectation.  Saw this video for a striped gradient by xoJahtna. I got inspired.

I’m pleased.

Sinful Colors“Timbleberry”, “Hazard”, “Vacation Time” &  “Easy Going”

IMG_4486  IMG_4487


Color Picnic

Napkin or tablecloth?… All the way down to the stitching.

Summertime fun.

IMG_3583  IMG_3585


All these colors (painted in this order) and white acrylic paint (with a size 5/0 precision paint brush) for the “stitches”.


Maybe it’s just a colorful plaid.  lol

OPI–“You Don’t Know Jacques!”

I love requests for polish….. this one I especially loved.  This was a wonderful impromptu selection…from an incredible “selector.”  The request started as: “a nice warm, autumn-like color, let’s say a gray”…. then the request progressed to a “rich chocolate”.

The result:  better than I could have EVER chosen by myself.  Perfect for the season and the Thanksgiving holiday.

(this one’s for you…Winking smile…)

OPI – “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
w/ Sinful Colors – “Timbleberry” flower petals


IMG_2298 IMG_2313

I have SO much to be thankful for! Too many things to count on my happily manicured fingers Smile.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!