IMG_3897  IMG_3899

This manicure was hard work.  It took some time to accomplish… and that was my goal.


I’m testing out Seche Vite UV topcoat… used alongside the companion mini/portable UV lamp. I wanted a manicure that was tedious, and one that I felt I would really enjoy viewing for the long haul.  This fit the bill.



My aim is long-lasting shine, and chip free results.  I’ll let you know how the topcoat holds up.

Color Picnic

Napkin or tablecloth?… All the way down to the stitching.

Summertime fun.

IMG_3583  IMG_3585


All these colors (painted in this order) and white acrylic paint (with a size 5/0 precision paint brush) for the “stitches”.


Maybe it’s just a colorful plaid.  lol