ShowOff CopyCat

I should probably refrain from trying to give myself a manicure while tipsy.  It was fun, but not presentable. HAHA

I had to take off my first attempt this evening.  LOL.  And since I didn’t have a clue what to do with my nails after my failed efforts….. I copied Duana’s white polish.

I was trying not to be a complete copycat….. and then Chi Chi & Duana called me a showoff…..BUT I WASN’T!!!!!! I promise!

MANNNNNNNNNNN.  Cannot win.  Maybe next time.


Oh my beloved dots… how I’ve missed you so.
This manicure made me so very happy.  It was worth the name-calling.  lmao.

China Glaze – “White On White”
& a slew of magical acrylic paint dots


IMG_3479  IMG_3481


Super Duper Wonderful Pretty Plaid



Could NOT resist the green/pink plaid design by Lace: A Nail Art Blog. (top row, 2nd from left)

these are a whole bunch of single nails i did to display for friends when they want nail art done. i think i might put a good picture on etsy as choices for custom nail sets!

Apparently the majority of the great designs require this horizontal line thingy.  I’m going to just have to keep practicing.  It’s so much work.  But eventually it’s going to be easy for me, and then y’all ain’t gon’ be able to tell me NOTHIN’!!!!!  lol  *cue Kanye music*(link) nuh unh you can’t tell me NOTHIN.

OPI – “Green-wich Village”
Essie – “Chastity”
IMG_3469  IMG_3470

As expected, I have some shaky stripes going on…. but at this rate, I may have super straight lines by Christmas.  Smile.  I attempted a silver glitter nail art striper on my left hand thumb nail, but decided it was too much and actually detracted from my love of the design.  Sometimes less is more. A LOT of times, less is more.


I saw a striped design mani on my bloglovin’ feed today… BUT I CAN’T FIND THE MANI I’M COPYING!!!!!!  Hers was incredible.  She had horizontal stripes on all but an accent nail.  And her lines were nice.  I’m still practicing.  LOL. So, I did more diagonal lines than horizontal.

I chose these colors because I picked out clothes for work in this color scheme.  Smile  It’s always cool matching……….. or at least complementing.

China Glaze – “Pelican Gray”
orange, black and white nail art stripers





Back to nail polish strips. 

Let me just say: I really, truly love Sally Hansen products. 

Now that that is out of the way.  This product was trash.  Hot burning, flaming, smoking trash. 

I wanted so badly to have this argyle pattern on my nails.  But it took FOREVER to apply this particular design.  And maybe it was user error all day.  Perhaps my nails are in the way now that they have grown out and made it more difficult to apply the polish strips. 

But I don’t think so.  The last time I used Sally Hansen strips my nails were even longer.  (Houndstooth design).   The diagonal white line in this design was printed in such a way that the strips kept tearing easily at the point where the line was printed. Sad smile.   ALL BAD!

It took like 40 minutes to apply these suckers.  I COULD HAVE JUST POLISHED A DESIGN BY HAND ON MY NAILS IN THAT AMOUNT OF TIME!  Applying a polish strip is supposed to cut DOWN on manicure time and potential error. 

This application turned out sloppy.  And I was disappointed in the flaws.  But I did still love the design… wore them for three days – flaws and all.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – “SWEET TART-AN”

IMG_3447  IMG_3448

I used them on my toenails too Smile.  That was fun. 

From afar, they still looked great!  And maybe that’s all that really mattered anyway.

IMG_3456   IMG_3457

I Got Nothin’

I like my nails this week. 

They have come to this length where they don’t require a lot from me, but they give everything.  They aren’t in my way, but they keep drawing my attention.  For me, this is good nail life.  Smile

Because of that, I can’t tell if it’s the nail polish color that is so incredible or if my nails just want to show off….. I can’t even bring myself to think of any design to decorate them.

After last week’s most complimented “Gargantuan Green Grape” manicure, with no design…. Once again…. I got nothin.  Just pretty polish. lol.

China Glaze – “Electric Beat”

IMG_3428  IMG_3425

IMG_3426  IMG_3427