Super Duper Wonderful Pretty Plaid



Could NOT resist the green/pink plaid design by Lace: A Nail Art Blog. (top row, 2nd from left)

these are a whole bunch of single nails i did to display for friends when they want nail art done. i think i might put a good picture on etsy as choices for custom nail sets!

Apparently the majority of the great designs require this horizontal line thingy.  I’m going to just have to keep practicing.  It’s so much work.  But eventually it’s going to be easy for me, and then y’all ain’t gon’ be able to tell me NOTHIN’!!!!!  lol  *cue Kanye music*(link) nuh unh you can’t tell me NOTHIN.

OPI – “Green-wich Village”
Essie – “Chastity”
IMG_3469  IMG_3470

As expected, I have some shaky stripes going on…. but at this rate, I may have super straight lines by Christmas.  Smile.  I attempted a silver glitter nail art striper on my left hand thumb nail, but decided it was too much and actually detracted from my love of the design.  Sometimes less is more. A LOT of times, less is more.