Santa’s Belt

OurPaintedWorld!!! <—(click for link to blog) 

Cutest. design. ever. 
As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try it. 

So, I used my favorite… OPI “I’m Not Really A Waitress”… striped OPI “Black Onyx across and made a “Glitter Hologram” buckle….

Voila! Santa’s belt. 


IMG_2526  IMG_2527


I absolutely love this design. So fun! Really may work for any time of the year – if you’re a diva…. it’s all in the context.  Because it’s almost December 25th, we’ll just say this is holiday nail art.  Winking smile

21 comments on “Santa’s Belt

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    SO CUTE! I really love it! Nice work!

  2. marie says:

    Great job! Outstanding!

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!! You have gorgeous nails!! 🙂

  4. thanks you guys!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. MBe says:

    How very clever!

  6. can’t wait to do this. just waiting for thanksgiving to get over

  7. What is a Glitter Hologram buckle? & how did you do THAT?

  8. […] in December, I did some “Santa pant buckle” nails. So I thought, “Hey! I can change up the colors and they can be leprechaun […]

  9. Cheryl, do you come up with the names after you’re done or do you name them before you start and then proceed?

  10. Gwen says:

    I love these! Are they gel? I have been learning to do gel polish but can’t figure out how to do designs.
    Thank you!!

  11. Carolyn Ditta says:

    Love that!

  12. […] Originally Pinned By Polish Polish […]

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  14. […] black stripe, a silver (I’m using white since that’s what I have) buckle. I found this idea at although I’m sure there are probably many attributions for this […]

  15. […] Edit: Wreszcie sobie przypomniałam gdzie widziałam ten mani – na Pinterest. Nawet trafiłam z niego na stronę pochodzenia, więc jeżeli chcecie zobaczyć mani, który mnie zainspirował zapraszam TUTAJ. […]


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