I had to upgrade my iPhone. 

Concomitantly, I had to search for a new phone case.  The cases in the store are ALWAYS UGLY!  Wait, hideous might be more accurate. And EXPENSIVE! as if the phone didn’t cost enough!  I’ve resorted to the deeply discounted and diverse case designs from Amazon.com. And for the price of ONE in the store, I ordered like 7 assorted designs online.  (But why do I need 7 of them??! Smile)

I saw this one…. and instead of purchasing it, I thought I’d try the design on my nails.  LOL. 


And once again, I didn’t look at the picture before I started painting my nails.  HAHAHA.  I don’t know why I do that.  I literally just forget about the picture even though in my mind’s eye, I feel like I see the picture clearly.  I am going to start printing pics out and create a stack of potential manicure designs that will be right next to me at my manicure “station”.

All that to say, my nails didn’t quite turn out like the phone case…

Sinful Colors – “Black on Black”

IMG_3574 IMG_3575

… but I like them anyway.

I used a medium sized dotting tool and dipped it in both the white and dark pink acrylic paint at the same time to create my flower petals.  Then I used yellow acrylic paint for my flower center, and a fine liner monogram art brush with green acrylic paint for my little leaves.

13 comments on “Florals

  1. Heather says:

    They’re pretty close, and they look great!

  2. Amanda (Mae) says:

    you are too funny! They are pretty! 😀

  3. Kimberly says:

    you’re so talented!!

  4. TopCoatIt says:

    These are awesome Cheryl! How clever to dip you dotting tool in two colors at once! I’ve never done that. I haven’t tried flowers yet either. These are beautiful!

  5. Daniela Tabois says:

    Popping! Love it!

  6. stephanie says:

    Beautifully created:)!!!!!!

  7. Eboni Ifé says:

    Wow! You’re sooooo talented. I love…


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