Crushing Flowers

Orly – “Crush On You”


I’m still searching for the perfect neon-ish tangerine color.

Sad to say, I still haven’t found the exact color I’m looking for… so I’m still on the hunt. (If you know of any, please let me know where I should look!! Pretty please!)
I started blending some colors since I have so many “oranges” in this color range right now….


…..but ultimately, I decided I’d try again to find the pre-made color, and polished with the pretty Orly color.


Shelle’s too cute mani

Just as I suspected normandlou’s Super Easy Flower Manicure was wanted.  The Butterfly wanted it, but my sister chose the design and beat her to her manicure this week. 

Turned out GREAT!  (Thanks normandlou!!!)

Sinful Colors – “Beautiful Girl”
OPI – “Pedal Faster Suzi”

IMG_3816  IMG_3814



I had to upgrade my iPhone. 

Concomitantly, I had to search for a new phone case.  The cases in the store are ALWAYS UGLY!  Wait, hideous might be more accurate. And EXPENSIVE! as if the phone didn’t cost enough!  I’ve resorted to the deeply discounted and diverse case designs from And for the price of ONE in the store, I ordered like 7 assorted designs online.  (But why do I need 7 of them??! Smile)

I saw this one…. and instead of purchasing it, I thought I’d try the design on my nails.  LOL. 


And once again, I didn’t look at the picture before I started painting my nails.  HAHAHA.  I don’t know why I do that.  I literally just forget about the picture even though in my mind’s eye, I feel like I see the picture clearly.  I am going to start printing pics out and create a stack of potential manicure designs that will be right next to me at my manicure “station”.

All that to say, my nails didn’t quite turn out like the phone case…

Sinful Colors – “Black on Black”

IMG_3574 IMG_3575

… but I like them anyway.

I used a medium sized dotting tool and dipped it in both the white and dark pink acrylic paint at the same time to create my flower petals.  Then I used yellow acrylic paint for my flower center, and a fine liner monogram art brush with green acrylic paint for my little leaves.


Yes, as in: CHALLENGE!  lol 

challenge [chal-inj]:
–  to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties



Michelle ^^^ in her pretty, strapless, summer garb requested a manicure inspired by her dress print. (Hot mama!)



I started with a basic white nail. [China Glaze – White on White]  And I truly wanted to just stop there.  I love this chic look!! 

IMG_3491  IMG_3492
But then I TOTALLY succeeded with a TAPE manicure!!!! [OPI- Windmillion] Can you believe it?!?!  Shocked the mess out of me.  I may even attempt another tape manicure again in the future.


Followed by a free hand design with acrylic paints and a black nail art striper.


So Michelle???  What do you think? How did I do??

Happy Mother’s Day

I had a really nice day with my Mommie today.  Smile

I am so happy to have my mother and my aunties.  I do miss my grandmothers.

I felt compelled to have a special manicure today.  A Mother’s Day special.

OPI – “Heart Throb”

Pretty pretty pink.  With flowers Smile. Seemed totally apropos for a Mother’s Day event. My Mommie really liked the flower…. and the flowers I gave her.  So, it was a good day.

IMG_3351  IMG_3352


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!!

Audrey Strikes Again

  OPI “I Don’t Give A Rotterdam”
(2012 Holland Collection)


Has gold glitter running all through it that showed up far clearer than I anticipated… Very pretty and it remained my base color for the foolishness that is “accepting Audrey’s challenge.” 

I don’t even know why I respond to Audrey.  lol.  She obviously doesn’t even understand fear…. this time she did CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pic). Did them well!!  And then had the audacity to expect me to try them?!?!?

FIRST OF ALL, I didn’t even want to do cherry blossoms.  Once again:  TOO DIFFICULT!  I think they are so very pretty.  But even when I lived in DC, I had to stay away from the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Too many people and ENTIRELY TOO MUCH POLLEN….   And, now, as a nail art design: complicated…..

…but far be it for me to not even TRY…. so…..

IMG_3313  IMG_3315
(dark brown, white, light pink and dark pink acrylic paint design)

And in the future, I will be patently rejecting any “Audrey Challenges.”  Smile


Can’t resist a neutral.   A lot of times, they are the perfect backdrop to a design.  And this one doesn’t disappoint.  

I chose a “pattern” but I’m thinking, this one would look great alone too!

OPI – “Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh”
(2012 Holland Collection)


IMG_3279  IMG_3275 

Par for OPI, the formulation is sublime.  Creamy and even application, with perfect opacity.  *two thumbs up*

Looks Like Spring

…. but it ain’t.  It’s FREEZING outside. It FEELS nothing like Spring.

The wind was whipping so harshly I thought my windows were going to shatter last night.  And though I don’t know where mine are right now, it’s so cold, you need gloves still.

That little groundhog was serious when he predicted six more weeks of Winter.  I guess we are going to really get ALL six weeks of that mess here in Chicago.  If it actually snows this weekend though, I’ll be good.  Smile

China Glaze “Gothic Lolita” & “Sweet Hook”
&  a flower

IMG_2987  IMG_2988


Over Christmas

I loved the Christmas polish adventures…. but being happy that it’s over, I don’t really want to see anymore red and green polish for at least a couple of weeks!! 

so I ventured as far away from Christmas as I could when I painted my nails this time.

…but just some little freehand dotted flowers.

China Glaze “White On White”acrylic paint dot flowers




As many others have reviewed “White On White”…. they are all right.  It’s a very pretty and creamy white polish…. once you get enough coats of polish on.  It’s a streaky polish, but I only had to use 2 coats to achieve these results.  I had initially planned on purchasing OPI Alpine Snow… and actually, next time I will.  #NoDiss