Light Green.

This color definitely looks like a pair of Hanes briefs I purchased in an assorted color pack of women’s underwear.  LOL.  At least in the bottle.

It’s a pretty pastel green.  It took 3 coats to get this coverage.  As big a fan as I am of OPI…. well, this one I would only recommend for Easter or something…maybe poolside. It looks great on my toenails.  Perfect for summer sandals.  It’s not a neon, but it does have it’s own allure, especially against my brown skin. It’s more vibrant than I could capture in the pictures. (Will have to try sunlight.)

I like the way it looks on my nails, but I’m sure this will be off my fingernails in WAY less time than those Cherries lacquer strips were.  Because I have nail polish ADD.

By the way, those Sephora lacquer strips were NOT trying to come off.  No chipping or peeling or ANYTHING.  And I was working hard to get them to chip. Ultimately, I had to just get nail polish remover and remove them. So they are definitely long-lasting.  They wore well.

OPI  – “Gargantuan Green Grape”


IMG_3411  IMG_3412


I love these!  So easy and so many possible designs!!!!!

I have had these strips for a while, but I wanted to wait until my nails were longer so I wouldn’t feel like I was wasting over half the lacquer strip.  LOL.

so, Ta da!!

Sephora by OPI – Trend Tips “Cherries”


IMG_3394  IMG_3395


I didn’t even have to use a nail file with these.  They are so easy to use.  Very low probability of mistakes with these!  You’ll love them.  Now, let’s see how long they last.  How well they wear. Smile

Half Moons

This was my half-way reputable attempt at the manicure phenomenon that is the “Half Moon.”

Umm, these are WAY harder than I thought.  I’ll have to practice my reinforcement sticker placement.  My half moons are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  LOL.   – But y’all know how I feel about “tape” manicures.  “Hated them.”  Still do.


But I do like my color combination.  Smile

OPI – “I Have A Herring Problem” 


This blue has this sparkly silver frost shimmer all through it that matches super well with the silver frost that is:

OPI – “Birthday Babe”


Hook And Line

I finally saw the movie The Hunger Games.  Loved it.  Now I need to read the books. I’m getting to it.

And I love this  taupe-gray slate colored frost polish in the China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection. 

It made my nails feel like they had an acrylic coat too.  Imagine that.  They are at this awkward length stage and were feeling weak for some reason.  Not after this manicure.

It’s a stunning neutral color and I don’t know why I didn’t use it earlier.  But I guess that happens when you buy too much polish at one time.  I’m making my way through my polish collection though.  And thanks to my trusty Automatic Polish Remover machine, it’s getting easier.  I still love that little contraption.  Smile

China Glaze – “Hook And Line”


IMG_3374 IMG_3375

It perfectly matched my sweater wrap too!  Gotta love a matching mani!

Bad Copy

I have had this photo on my pinterest page as inspiration for a while. 

Today I was “inspired” to copy this manicure….. but my memory failed.  so instead of this:

(click pic for link)

I ended up with this:

IMG_0089  IMG_0091

For whatever reason, in the light, the color picks up only the “blue”… but this is what the color looks like in real life:   Definitely green.

China Glaze – “Four Leaf Clover”


So, I forgot the horizontal white line, and I think my dots are too small and it’s green, not blue. Next time I’ll look at the picture beforehand.  LOL.  Winking smile

Happy Mother’s Day

I had a really nice day with my Mommie today.  Smile

I am so happy to have my mother and my aunties.  I do miss my grandmothers.

I felt compelled to have a special manicure today.  A Mother’s Day special.

OPI – “Heart Throb”

Pretty pretty pink.  With flowers Smile. Seemed totally apropos for a Mother’s Day event. My Mommie really liked the flower…. and the flowers I gave her.  So, it was a good day.

IMG_3351  IMG_3352


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!!!



 IMG_0040  IMG_0031

I traveled to Grand Bahama Island…. Freeport, Bahamas.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I enjoyed every wonderful moment on the Our Lucaya Beach.

I didn’t have a chance to upload my vacation nails before I left.  I thought this color would be nice against the sun and sand.

OPI – “The Thrill Of Brazil”

IMG_3341  IMG_3342


…. I miss the beach, so I came back and did these:


IMG_3347  IMG_3348
“Sand Tropez”; “Turquoise & Caicos”; “Coat Azure”…. and on the very tips a touch of Sinful Colors “Midnight Blue”


(my sandy toes)