Instant Vintage

I have no reason to explain changing my nail color, except that I was experimenting with my new automatic nail polish remover machine when I came home from the New Year’s celebration….

IMG_2563  IMG_2564

I ordered the machine online from  For $18, it was a good purchase!! I’ll definitely save on cotton squares.  I told myself I wasn’t using glitter again until I received it…. as we all know the huge HASSLE glitter presents at removal time.  I haven’t yet used any heavy duty glitter polish, so we’ll see how it responds when I do.

After I finished my dot design, it just kept reminding me of some retro wallpaper or something…vintage.  And I actually liked the results on my right hand better than my left!  My right hand always gets neglected when it comes to picture taking… had to give the right hand some camera time today.

Essie “Sand Tropez”
acrylic paint dots

IMG_2587  IMG_2591


6 comments on “Instant Vintage

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    Nice color combination! It does look sort of vintage. Does that nail polish remover really work? It doesn’t seem like it would be everything off and you’d still have to go back over it with a cotton ball.

    • Thanks Rachel!
      The nail polish remover machine does actually work. I removed my polish last night, acrylic dots included – NO COTTON BALLS :-). My biggest concern here is making sure I have working batteries to spin the brushes. So far, so good.

  2. Aisha says:

    You know I love Sand Tropez…but added the dots adds a lovely 60s free spirit vibe that speaks to my soul! I love it!

    • 🙂 Aisha, I know!!! One of your favorites. Still trying to get a “Chinchilly” review. Would you get dots on your manicure?? That would be great! I would love to see that if you ever do.

  3. danielatabois says:

    This is very cute! I have to try this!!


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