*in my best <and loudest> Mommy Dearest voice*

….or frosts and shimmers for that matter. 

In my blog browsing I have seen the most beautiful swatches of the tidal wave of glitter polishes available these days.  BEAUTIFUL! And, I, like the rest of the nail polish masses, LOVE them. They lure you with their sparkle and dazzle. Whispering your name like an irresistible lover…

I am putting my foot down.

I don’t want to read any more blogs telling me the easy way to remove glitter polish is by soaking cotton pads, covering my beds with aluminum foil and…….. waiting. Yes, I have a problem with patience.  LOL.  I’m working on it. haha

Removing the Nicki Minaj collection glitter polish (OPI – “Metallic 4 Life”) was a small test of patience.  I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken without my reliable Automatic Nail Polish Remover!  Even with it’s superb and consistent results, it took too long for my taste.

SO…. even though the task is still much easier with my polish remover machine….. I’m back on my glitter hiatus. 

But I will never forsake my beloved dots.

China Glaze “Concrete Catwalk”
tan acrylic paint dots, China Glaze “Peachy Keen” dots, white acrylic paint dots

IMG_2869  IMG_2870


can you see the tan dots?!?!?! they are there!!! 

Red Light, Green Light

IMG_2727I hate driving.  But I think I hate public transportation in Chicago more.

Last week I was greeted by mail with a Red Light Enforcement Camera Ticket.


Now, TECHNICALLY, I didn’t run a red light.  I made a right turn.  On red.  At a permitted right turn on red light. 

So, you KNOW I was ready to contest this ticket….. until I watched the video.  Then realized that I never really came to a complete stop before the light turned red before I turned.  BUT IT WAS BECAUSE THE LIGHT WAS YELLOW WHEN I REALLY STARTED MY TURN!!!!! 

I don’t feel like fighting the ticket though.  And since I still hate public transportation more than driving right now…. I’m never driving that route to work anymore ever again. Never. 
I’m still mad about this stupid ticket!

base – OPI “ Suzi Takes the Wheel”Sinful Colors “Black on Black”

IMG_2725          IMG_2724 


I used Orly Matte Top Coat on the gray based nails to allow the “lights” to stand out, and topped just the acrylic paint dots with a dot of Seche Vite for shine.  Did it work?


I need a new camera.  Clearly. 

This is the prettiest PURPLE!  But all my camera seems to pick up these days is blue Sad smile.  I’m not even a real “blue” fan…. I mean, I checked my polish stash and I have PLENTY of blues there…. but when I’m polishing PURPLE, I want PURPLE to be seen… SMH. 

I have to get a new camera SOON!  I thought my Nikon was good too.  oh well. On to the polish….

Color Club “Pucci-licious”
w/ yellow acrylic paint dots

Smooth pretty creamy luscious purple.  Set off by little yellow dots….my favorite.  Soon I will have to do a “polka dot month” of manicures.  I’m certain of it.

IMG_2678  IMG_2681



Just to brag some more on my Automatic Nail Polish Remover Machine….. it removes bright red like a miracle!

my previous polish

Pink gone wrong

I couldn’t decide:

So Hannah told me to do the stripes…..

I started.  It was beautiful!!!!! 

China Glaze “Empowerment”
and I felt empowered and pretty.  lol


then, apparently, I got out of line…. and ended up with this.  -__-  me no likey.

© 2012© 2012© 2012

so I erased them faster than the time it took me to paint them.

Beautiful Girl

Felt like a princess with a little crown after this manicure.

Maybe my expectations are too high now because I am not at all enamored with the formulation of this polish.  It’s a pretty color, but it’s thin, and slightly streaky.  You will most definitely have to use a minimum of two coats for any remote coverage and opacity.  I will still use it again… because like I said, it’s a pretty color.    Plus, I feel like a beautiful girl with it on. 

Sinful Colors “Beautiful Girl”
gold acrylic paint dots


Over Christmas

I loved the Christmas polish adventures…. but being happy that it’s over, I don’t really want to see anymore red and green polish for at least a couple of weeks!! 

so I ventured as far away from Christmas as I could when I painted my nails this time.

…but just some little freehand dotted flowers.

China Glaze “White On White”acrylic paint dot flowers




As many others have reviewed “White On White”…. they are all right.  It’s a very pretty and creamy white polish…. once you get enough coats of polish on.  It’s a streaky polish, but I only had to use 2 coats to achieve these results.  I had initially planned on purchasing OPI Alpine Snow… and actually, next time I will.  #NoDiss

O Christmas Tree

I haven’t put up nary a decoration in my place.  No tree, stockings, lights…. nada. 

Had to decorate somewhere, so…. you already know where that decoration landed…lol

Christmas tree, star, ornaments, and tree skirt….. only things missing here are the presents.
(feel free to give me gifts. I will gladly accept them) 😉


OPI “Jade Is The New Black” – base
IMG_2503  IMG_2504


Dre’s Holiday pick

 Yep, ‘tis the season.  All things sparkly and shiny… red and green…. and gold. 🙂

Seems to me that the best folks to ask for nail polish suggestions are men!  I was talking to my brother André as I was pondering over what color/design to adorn my nails… he sarcastically replied “that should be hard”…smh. I had to explain how difficult it is to choose when there are so many options.  Then I asked for his suggestion…… Twinkle Lights with Black tips… (no he did NOT know the name of the polish.  hahahahaha)

the result was quite nice!  I would have been more surprised, but he actually has good taste. so……..

China Glaze “Twinkle Lights as a topcoat  over “Passion” was the bow on the “holiday feel”.  Like candy sprinkles on a sugar cookie in the shape of a Christmas Tree.  The glitter was sparser than I would have liked, so I ended up using three coats. Nonetheless still festive.   The topcoat alone would be adorable for little kiddie nails during the holiday.

Deviating from the widely held belief:  This “Twinkle Lights” glitter is NOT of the devil.  lol

I decided to use acrylic paint for the tips instead of polish because there would have been SIX layers of polish on the tips of my nails….. NO SIR!

 China Glaze “Passion” w/ “Twinkle Lights” and black acrylic paint tipsIMG_2473



I might have to ask André next time I can’t decide on a polish choice Smile.

Shock Value

funny that people are paying attention even if you don’t think they are….

my coworker commented that I didn’t do a design on my nails “today”….. but my “new french” manicure (from yesterday) IS a design!!!!!!  classic…. but still a design, no doubt….

I had an extremely long day, so, to unwind, I had to stir things up.  And “do a design”  lol. 

this color just caught my eyes.  and the new purple paint I got this weekend was waving over there from the side, so I splashed some dots on. I can tell when I really like my nails….. I look at them over and over……. I can’t keep my eyes off these.

Sinful Colors “ Hazard” w/ purple acrylic paint dots