*in my best <and loudest> Mommy Dearest voice*

….or frosts and shimmers for that matter. 

In my blog browsing I have seen the most beautiful swatches of the tidal wave of glitter polishes available these days.  BEAUTIFUL! And, I, like the rest of the nail polish masses, LOVE them. They lure you with their sparkle and dazzle. Whispering your name like an irresistible lover…

I am putting my foot down.

I don’t want to read any more blogs telling me the easy way to remove glitter polish is by soaking cotton pads, covering my beds with aluminum foil and…….. waiting. Yes, I have a problem with patience.  LOL.  I’m working on it. haha

Removing the Nicki Minaj collection glitter polish (OPI – “Metallic 4 Life”) was a small test of patience.  I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken without my reliable Automatic Nail Polish Remover!  Even with it’s superb and consistent results, it took too long for my taste.

SO…. even though the task is still much easier with my polish remover machine….. I’m back on my glitter hiatus. 

But I will never forsake my beloved dots.

China Glaze “Concrete Catwalk”
tan acrylic paint dots, China Glaze “Peachy Keen” dots, white acrylic paint dots

IMG_2869  IMG_2870


can you see the tan dots?!?!?! they are there!!!