Time for some season changing colors……


I am loving these sponging gradients.  I did the typical horizontal one….. just looked “stripe-y” to me…. so I applied it diagonally.  And I love that look so much more. Smile


OPI – “Don’t Talk Bach To Me” (Germany Collection) &”Suzi Takes The Wheel” & “Nein! Nein! Nein!Ok, Fine!” (Germany Collection)
IMG_4384  IMG_4389

Red Light, Green Light

IMG_2727I hate driving.  But I think I hate public transportation in Chicago more.

Last week I was greeted by mail with a Red Light Enforcement Camera Ticket.


Now, TECHNICALLY, I didn’t run a red light.  I made a right turn.  On red.  At a permitted right turn on red light. 

So, you KNOW I was ready to contest this ticket….. until I watched the video.  Then realized that I never really came to a complete stop before the light turned red before I turned.  BUT IT WAS BECAUSE THE LIGHT WAS YELLOW WHEN I REALLY STARTED MY TURN!!!!! 

I don’t feel like fighting the ticket though.  And since I still hate public transportation more than driving right now…. I’m never driving that route to work anymore ever again. Never. 
I’m still mad about this stupid ticket!

base – OPI “ Suzi Takes the Wheel”Sinful Colors “Black on Black”

IMG_2725          IMG_2724 


I used Orly Matte Top Coat on the gray based nails to allow the “lights” to stand out, and topped just the acrylic paint dots with a dot of Seche Vite for shine.  Did it work?


I just didn’t really like ANYTHING today.  Everything is going awry right now.  I can’t focus, can’t make well thought-through decisions, can’t figure out what to eat, what to wear, what to do next…. so not having a solitary clue what color to paint my nails shouldn’t have surprised me. 

My nails are already back to their high-maintenance length.  The tips of the nails will be an extension of my fingertip and therefore, polish will undoubtedly chip…. every day.  So, they’re definitely getting new polish each time…. However, I’m exhausted and have way too much to do.  my brain is on overload. Good thing polishing my nails is a soothing activity.

I removed the contact lenses that were completely irritating my eyes and tossed them.


I taped the frames back together so I could finish working. 

After that, I gave up.
I was frustrated, sleepy, irritable and overall BLAH!! So, I just put it on my nails.

My muted and autumn neutral OPI spread

Separately these colors are stunning.  Together….. they are just BLAH! Perfect expression of my feeling. Enjoy.  – __-

“Jade Is the New Black”  (Hong Kong Collection)
“Stranger Tides”  (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
“You Don’t Know Jacques!” (La Collection De France)
“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)
“A-Taupe the Space Needle” (Touring America Collection)

IMG_2424  IMG_2425


The Ohio State University

I am from Ohio. First from Dayton, and then we moved to Columbus.

My Dad is a Buckeye fan…. so, of course, SO AM I!!!!

Contributor Dee Dee and I will have a “forever feud” about her wack Michigan team versus those auspicious Buckeyes!! Winking smile

With Monday’s announcement of the new head football coach at The Ohio State University, I felt it was a wonderfully appropriate time to show some Scarlet & Gray love.

Maybelline Express Finish “Racy Red”
OPI “Suzi Takes the Wheel”
white acrylic paint (dots)
Color Club black & white nail art stripers

I took inspiration from Urban Meyer’s press conference tie & mic cover. I may have to practice writing out “Ohio State” with my nail art tools. lolurbanmeyerOSU



The Ohio State University Nail


OPI–“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)

Suzi Takes The Wheel1     Beautiful crème gray…. but it’s not “just” gray.  Each time I want to call it gray, I just keep seeing a hint of green.   Like an undertone of camouflage green keeps peeking its little head out. ( I think the more accurate color would be “sage” though.)

You might say,  “well, I already have  a gray crème polish.”  I reply,  “not this one.”  Though it’s very neutral and seemingly subtle, something about it is very eye-catching in its smoothness.

Very nice coverage with this polish.  Nothing sheer about it.  Quality OPI.

      Suzi Takes The Wheel3