Shock Value

funny that people are paying attention even if you don’t think they are….

my coworker commented that I didn’t do a design on my nails “today”….. but my “new french” manicure (from yesterday) IS a design!!!!!!  classic…. but still a design, no doubt….

I had an extremely long day, so, to unwind, I had to stir things up.  And “do a design”  lol. 

this color just caught my eyes.  and the new purple paint I got this weekend was waving over there from the side, so I splashed some dots on. I can tell when I really like my nails….. I look at them over and over……. I can’t keep my eyes off these.

Sinful Colors “ Hazard” w/ purple acrylic paint dots


6 comments on “Shock Value

  1. marie says:


    Truly amazing. You spark my creative energy! Keep up the great work (of art!)

    Can you do a tutorial?


    • 🙂 Thanks Marie!!!!! I would try to come up with a tutorial, but it would almost be a waste of time because it is soooo simple. It’s literally dots. just dots! LOL. I have grown to LOVE dots though.

  2. MBe says:

    cute! I’ll get to the salon yet…. 🙂

  3. Aisha says:

    I’m usually not into colors but I love this! It’s sassy!


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