Nail Porn

I planned on breaking out my China Glaze Electropop Lights Spring 2012 collection ….. that I wasn’t aware (when I purchased last week), was to be released to the public in FEBRUARY 2012??  *checks calendar*…. LOL… 
001   003
Winking smile
it’s still winter anyway.

At any rate, my wonderful sister brought me a Zoya nail polish delivery….

and. I. Lusted.

Zoya “Veruschka” (how it’s spelled on the bottle)
{Veruschuka [<–link] – how it’s spelled in the text of the Zoya site??}

011  010

I don’t know what the name means, but it must be something sexy because when I tell you I swooned… SMH.   If I didn’t like matte polish before……

…… was because I hadn’t met Zoya.

this must be the most beautiful forest green I have ever experienced.  No, not seen…. experienced.  There is nothing I don’t love about this polish.  The brush is beautiful.  The formulation is smooth…. and has the prettiest shimmer, which gives the matte depth.  It’s beautiful.

There. are. no. more. words.



Red Light, Green Light

IMG_2727I hate driving.  But I think I hate public transportation in Chicago more.

Last week I was greeted by mail with a Red Light Enforcement Camera Ticket.


Now, TECHNICALLY, I didn’t run a red light.  I made a right turn.  On red.  At a permitted right turn on red light. 

So, you KNOW I was ready to contest this ticket….. until I watched the video.  Then realized that I never really came to a complete stop before the light turned red before I turned.  BUT IT WAS BECAUSE THE LIGHT WAS YELLOW WHEN I REALLY STARTED MY TURN!!!!! 

I don’t feel like fighting the ticket though.  And since I still hate public transportation more than driving right now…. I’m never driving that route to work anymore ever again. Never. 
I’m still mad about this stupid ticket!

base – OPI “ Suzi Takes the Wheel”Sinful Colors “Black on Black”

IMG_2725          IMG_2724 


I used Orly Matte Top Coat on the gray based nails to allow the “lights” to stand out, and topped just the acrylic paint dots with a dot of Seche Vite for shine.  Did it work?

To Shine or Not To Shine . . . . that is the question?!


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I first saw Erika’s “Chloe’s Nail’s” & PolishHoarder’s Valentine Nails.  By the time I saw Rachel’s TopCoatIt post (which is insanely gorgeous)…..  I had to get in on the “UNshining” process!!!  Smile 

They made matte gorgeous.  And they inspired my current manicure.  My previous hatred for matte has dissolved… I don’t know that I’m ready to go all the way matte…. but this is a definite start in that direction.

Revlon “FireFox” Matte Suede
w/ Seche Vite Top Coat “Frenched” tips

IMG_2669 IMG_2671

IMG_2672 IMG_2668 

This is a very cheery (no, not cherry, though I guess it could also be classified as such) red with a glittery shimmer that gives the color a bit more dimension.  It was thinner than I expected, so I used three coats to get my desired coverage.  It doesn’t look like suede to me, but I do like it.

Definitely now going to purchase a mattifying topcoat and will be on the lookout for more matte polish to experiment with!!

it’s time…… for a polish blog

I guess it’s BEEN time for this… but I’m finally doing it Smile

This polish was a special request from one of my dearest and closest friends and former Roomie, Kimberly.

She loves fuchsia, so…. I found this  Sinful Colors “Dream On”  in my polish stash. 

I really hate this polish.  It’s matte.  And I love a good gleaming shine… Of course, that’s easily acquired with a brilliant topcoat.  So, technically, problem solved.



004   IMG_2181

There are definite advantages to this matte polish.  It dries very quickly.  This one has decent opacity. But I still find it challenging.  The polish easily swipes “off” while you’re polishing.  That’s all bad.  I managed through the application though. *sidenote:  I AM giving this polish away immediately.  I don’t want to use it again.  I have to find another fuchsia.

Even though it’s not a favorite… it turned out decent.


TopCoat Shine: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri TopCoat    013

Nina– Ultra Pro (Sally Beauty Supply)

my halloween polish.  was more “orange” than what photo portrays. Nothing extra special about this polish, but a very nice deep orange.  Good consistency from the bottle. 


This turned out to be a matte polish…. but of course, I opted for shine, so applied Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. I truly do NOT like matte polishes for a regular manicure look.  Lately, I have seen some real funky french manicures with matte polishes though, so I’ll have to try that out and perhaps conclude differently on matte polish. 

Pinki Purple” – another view