Hook And Line

I finally saw the movie The Hunger Games.  Loved it.  Now I need to read the books. I’m getting to it.

And I love this  taupe-gray slate colored frost polish in the China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection. 

It made my nails feel like they had an acrylic coat too.  Imagine that.  They are at this awkward length stage and were feeling weak for some reason.  Not after this manicure.

It’s a stunning neutral color and I don’t know why I didn’t use it earlier.  But I guess that happens when you buy too much polish at one time.  I’m making my way through my polish collection though.  And thanks to my trusty Automatic Polish Remover machine, it’s getting easier.  I still love that little contraption.  Smile

China Glaze – “Hook And Line”


IMG_3374 IMG_3375

It perfectly matched my sweater wrap too!  Gotta love a matching mani!

The Hunger Games

I’ll be honest….

I didn’t know or care about the book nor the movie…. UNTIL the buzz about China Glaze’s collection. 

I know, I know….. I was missing out. lol. I still haven’t read the books, but I do want to see the movie… hopefully soon.

But this polish!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I only purchased two colors out of the collection.  This one is BOSS!!!  I absolutely positively love:

China Glaze “Agro”


IMG_3213  IMG_3214

This is a ONE COAT WONDER!  Yep, only one coat and the color is beautiful.  The formulation was dreamy.  Easy to apply.  Opaque coverage and all.  And it’s such a unique color. 

Yes. Love.