Light Green.

This color definitely looks like a pair of Hanes briefs I purchased in an assorted color pack of women’s underwear.  LOL.  At least in the bottle.

It’s a pretty pastel green.  It took 3 coats to get this coverage.  As big a fan as I am of OPI…. well, this one I would only recommend for Easter or something…maybe poolside. It looks great on my toenails.  Perfect for summer sandals.  It’s not a neon, but it does have it’s own allure, especially against my brown skin. It’s more vibrant than I could capture in the pictures. (Will have to try sunlight.)

I like the way it looks on my nails, but I’m sure this will be off my fingernails in WAY less time than those Cherries lacquer strips were.  Because I have nail polish ADD.

By the way, those Sephora lacquer strips were NOT trying to come off.  No chipping or peeling or ANYTHING.  And I was working hard to get them to chip. Ultimately, I had to just get nail polish remover and remove them. So they are definitely long-lasting.  They wore well.

OPI  – “Gargantuan Green Grape”


IMG_3411  IMG_3412

10 comments on “Hanes

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    very pretty! Good to know about those strips. some of those just do not hold up 😦

    • Maybe I’ve had more success because I put a topcoat on them too. I feel like they will still last longer when my nails aren’t at a length where I’m using the tips of my nails for everything too.

      When they are just growing out, they chip easily no matter what I use… but now that they’ve grown out a little, manicures last longer without chipping.

      What strips have you used?? I need to test out my theory with different strips!

      • Amanda (Mae) says:

        I have used the Kiss ones and the Sally Hanson ones, I am actually going to a Demonstration tonight, a friend of mine’s sister is starting up being a Representative for Jamberry Nail Shields, so I will be doing a thing on those shortly too.

      • I didn’t like the Kiss nail stickers I tried, at least not the “wear” of them. They were cute and easy to apply (and remove)… but I didn’t like the feel of them.

        I love the Sally Hansen ones!

        I’ve never heard of Jamberry…I’ll have to look that up!! I’ll be on the lookout for your post!

      • Amanda (Mae) says:

        me too, I liked the Sally Hanson ones very much, I did a little preview here a bout 2 weeks ago? you should check it out, its got a few of the example designs, I think I put how to apply them, and the website link. 😀 And of course again in next day or so I will do a full report and then again along the way , wear and tear.

    • can you give me a link for your Sally Hansen post?? I can’t find it 😦

  2. TopCoatIt says:

    When I saw the title of your post, I hoped you had painted tighty whities on your nails. LOL! This is a pretty green. Very soft and light.

  3. Erin Elizabeth says:

    I am in love with this color and it looks so nice on your nails!


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