Half Moons

This was my half-way reputable attempt at the manicure phenomenon that is the “Half Moon.”

Umm, these are WAY harder than I thought.  I’ll have to practice my reinforcement sticker placement.  My half moons are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  LOL.   – But y’all know how I feel about “tape” manicures.  “Hated them.”  Still do.


But I do like my color combination.  Smile

OPI – “I Have A Herring Problem” 


This blue has this sparkly silver frost shimmer all through it that matches super well with the silver frost that is:

OPI – “Birthday Babe”


7 comments on “Half Moons

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    Your moons look great! Looks like you nailed it!

  2. wickednails says:

    Love the color combo! I honestly was bad at half moons, hated the reinforcements since they were in the way, and don’t really dig the look anyhow! 😀

    • LOL!!! Thank you. they look so simple to do, but they are WAY harder — to make them look decent. I feel the same as you – hate the reinfocements! HA HA! I’ve seen it on others and love it…. But, I’m not sure how I’m feeling about them on me. I will probably have to try them again.

      Like everything else…. practice practice practice. 🙂

  3. Aisha says:

    They look cool to me! A lady at my job wears her nails like this all the time…never knew it was a style.

    • LOL. I feel like I have SOOOOO many “styles” to learn. Half of them are going to be too complicated for me to want to try though. I already know. What colors does she use? Does she change the colors?

  4. Aisha says:

    I also love the color combo!


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