Pink Camo

“Sparrow Me The Drama”
”Kiss Me On My Tulips”
”You Don’t Know Jacques!”
”Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh”

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It certainly felt like Spring a couple of days ago. 65 degrees and everything… it’s cold again now though.

Last weekend I basically binged on polish shopping.  First, I went with Dee Dee to the nail supply store, and walked out with  OPI’s entire new Holland Collection for the Spring, plus two colors from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection….

It got worse.  I attended the Midwest’s Americas Beauty Show.  This event was HUGE.  I was completely overwhelmed and wonderfully exhausted afterward….. And my debt was higher.  LOL.  I walked away with a ton of beauty supplies… including 7 China Glaze polishes and 8 OPI polishes.  Yep, I’ll get around to more frequent manicuring very soon!

I couldn’t resist testing out a couple of colors, and the “Fall-like” color combo resulted. 

OPI – “Chopsticking To My Story” (orange)  & 
“Wooden Shoe Like To Know?” (brown)


IMG_3050  IMG_3051

As I applied the brown, it reminded me so much of “You Don’t Know Jacques!”  – – – BUT they are so different.  “Wooden Shoe Like To Know” has a rosy tint with a muted gold shimmer. As normal, my amateur photographing will never do these colors justice.


Odd that this SPRING Collection color worked so well as an Autumn color.

Not to worry, I’m heading for some bright loud colors in just a second. Smile


Stripes are NOT my friend.

I clearly got hoodwinked into attempting stripes…again.  lol.  I tried.   The light pink lines weren’t showing up so I tried to add dark pink lines…. I can’t say that helped though.

I’m never giving up my dots.  NEVER.

OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

IMG_2776  IMG_2778


p.s. Duana, I hate stripes…. at least until I can paint them nicely.  haha

A Dream Deferred


good for the soul??


concept better than reality:
  IMG_2432 IMG_2429
Nicole Miller “French Vanilla” (base)
OPI “Green-wich Village” & dark pink acrylic paint (applied w/nail art brush")
Color Club Nail Art Striper “Crème de Razzery” & “Glitter Hologram”

Reality better than expected:
OPI “Sparrow Me The Drama”
green acrylic paint & Color Club white nail art striper
IMG_2437   IMG_2436 
inspired by:
TopCoatIt’s "argyle nails”

new attempts:
OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
Color Club Nail Art Striper “
Crème De Razerry”
Stripe Right green nail art striper

i love it.

IMG_2444 IMG_2446
Essie “Chastity” (base)
Color Club – Nail Art Stripers  “Mint” & “White”


I just didn’t really like ANYTHING today.  Everything is going awry right now.  I can’t focus, can’t make well thought-through decisions, can’t figure out what to eat, what to wear, what to do next…. so not having a solitary clue what color to paint my nails shouldn’t have surprised me. 

My nails are already back to their high-maintenance length.  The tips of the nails will be an extension of my fingertip and therefore, polish will undoubtedly chip…. every day.  So, they’re definitely getting new polish each time…. However, I’m exhausted and have way too much to do.  my brain is on overload. Good thing polishing my nails is a soothing activity.

I removed the contact lenses that were completely irritating my eyes and tossed them.


I taped the frames back together so I could finish working. 

After that, I gave up.
I was frustrated, sleepy, irritable and overall BLAH!! So, I just put it on my nails.

My muted and autumn neutral OPI spread

Separately these colors are stunning.  Together….. they are just BLAH! Perfect expression of my feeling. Enjoy.  – __-

“Jade Is the New Black”  (Hong Kong Collection)
“Stranger Tides”  (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
“You Don’t Know Jacques!” (La Collection De France)
“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)
“A-Taupe the Space Needle” (Touring America Collection)

IMG_2424  IMG_2425


OPI–“You Don’t Know Jacques!”

I love requests for polish….. this one I especially loved.  This was a wonderful impromptu selection…from an incredible “selector.”  The request started as: “a nice warm, autumn-like color, let’s say a gray”…. then the request progressed to a “rich chocolate”.

The result:  better than I could have EVER chosen by myself.  Perfect for the season and the Thanksgiving holiday.

(this one’s for you…Winking smile…)

OPI – “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
w/ Sinful Colors – “Timbleberry” flower petals


IMG_2298 IMG_2313

I have SO much to be thankful for! Too many things to count on my happily manicured fingers Smile.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!