Bad Copy

I have had this photo on my pinterest page as inspiration for a while. 

Today I was “inspired” to copy this manicure….. but my memory failed.  so instead of this:

(click pic for link)

I ended up with this:

IMG_0089  IMG_0091

For whatever reason, in the light, the color picks up only the “blue”… but this is what the color looks like in real life:   Definitely green.

China Glaze – “Four Leaf Clover”


So, I forgot the horizontal white line, and I think my dots are too small and it’s green, not blue. Next time I’ll look at the picture beforehand.  LOL.  Winking smile

9 comments on “Bad Copy

  1. wickednails says:

    I love it! The green is gorgeous. Who cares if yours is different? It looks great! I’m inspired to do some stripes and dots!

  2. Heather says:

    They still look nice!

  3. Erin Elizabeth says:

    Funny – I am my worst critic. I agree – it is great! – AS USUAL. 😉

  4. luvnme1 says:

    Still cute!

  5. glamazon1026 says:

    But it’s still cute tho!!! lol!


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