Primary Colors

First off….. Nails gone. Lol


I love when my nails get to start over. I’m always the most productive then. 

I like when they grow out as well…. But one of my nails felt like it was about to break, and I wasn’t about to sit and babysit any nails…. Plus I kept accidentally scratching myself. So I cut them off. 

Then finally repolished. 

ibd Just Gel – “Lucky Red”


I created a decal for my ring finger design with a stamp design and added color. Primary colors. Applied over a base of a white no-chip polish. 

Fun stuff…. Will definitely do this again. 😁😁😁



Inspiration is so interesting.
I have had this photo album for over a decade and a half, I’m sure.

…front facing photo is older than that.  SMH  (OMG I AM OLD – the horror!!)

I see it every time I am in my living room.
…..and all of a sudden, I wanted something similar on my nails.






Base of a white no-chip polish.  I used a variety of “regular” OPI and butter London polishes for the colored “bricks”.


I hope that this lasts on my nails for a couple of weeks – I really like all the colors.


I love these!  So easy and so many possible designs!!!!!

I have had these strips for a while, but I wanted to wait until my nails were longer so I wouldn’t feel like I was wasting over half the lacquer strip.  LOL.

so, Ta da!!

Sephora by OPI – Trend Tips “Cherries”


IMG_3394  IMG_3395


I didn’t even have to use a nail file with these.  They are so easy to use.  Very low probability of mistakes with these!  You’ll love them.  Now, let’s see how long they last.  How well they wear. Smile