Biker Gear

Racer stripes on my  nails. Now I need to start biking. Maybe tomorrow morning.Smile

China Glaze “Turned Up Turquoise” (Neon)




Turquoise & Caicos

This is such a near dupe to China Glaze “For Audrey”…. (and my Tiffany pouch).  “For Audrey” is the tiniest bit bluer.



Essie “Turquoise & Caicos”


The Essie formulation is a little thinner and streakier than I would have hoped.  This was three coats.  Still lovely.

But of course, I splashed all kind of dots over it.  This actually made me want to lay off the dots just a tad.

IMG_2961  IMG_2962

Lava Lamp

My hands look like hazard cones!!! for real. lol

Man, this polish is so bright, it really COULD hurt your eyes. 

I used the gold glitter holographic top coat.  I just can’t give up glitter completely.  lol.

Color Club “Lava Lamp”
w/ Northern Lights Gold Holo Glitter topcoat


IMG_2954  IMG_2955


Pictures make the color look more “red”, but they are really “orange-y”! Smile  Straight hazard cones!

O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Hey Guys!! It’s Duana again!

Although New York has been experiencing some wonderful weather, I’m SO tired of winter and in need of a change from my darker fall/winter manicure colors. To me, summertime means I can paint my fingers and toes with brightest polish I can find, and I LOVE IT!!  When I went into my regular nail salon, I realized that they had begun to expand their summer section (during winter months, they pack up most of the bright colors), and I immediately got excited when I saw “Need Sunglasses?” by OPI.  I just LOVE a bright yellow nail! One thing about this polish is that it goes on very thin. I got these results with three coats.

OPI “Need Sunglasses?”

Don’t judge my cuticles y’all…She hadn’t cleaned them yet. I had to snap the picture while she went to process my payment…lol 🙂

OPI “Need Sunglasses?” paired with Zoya “Areej” for pedicure

Midtown Magic…Set the Nude

China Glaze “Midtown Magic – GORGEOUS!    it’s such a pretty color. Chocolate Burgundy –   definitely magical with a pretty gold glitter almost dissolved within. 

I know, I know, I was supposed to be on glitter/shimmer hiatus….

….. BUT I COULDN’T HELP IT!  lol.  It’s so sparkly and it was making googly eyes at me. 

I striped the tips with Ulta’s “Set the Nude, but next time, I am just wearing the “Midtown Magic”.  all by its lonesome.  



IMG_2948  IMG_2947

it’s not Spring

It’s freezing outside, so I couldn’t bring myself to use a “Spring” color…instead, I moseyed on over to my China Glaze Metro Downtown collection.


I chose China Glaze  “Westside Warrior”

I still wanted it to be “girly”, so I added a flower of Sinful Colors “Vacation Time”, with a dot of gold metallic acrylic paint.