Lava Lamp

My hands look like hazard cones!!! for real. lol

Man, this polish is so bright, it really COULD hurt your eyes. 

I used the gold glitter holographic top coat.  I just can’t give up glitter completely.  lol.

Color Club “Lava Lamp”
w/ Northern Lights Gold Holo Glitter topcoat


IMG_2954  IMG_2955


Pictures make the color look more “red”, but they are really “orange-y”! Smile  Straight hazard cones!

10 comments on “Lava Lamp

  1. Duana says:

    LOVE this color!!!!

  2. Airpan says:

    That is HOT. Likin’ that red.

  3. sugarmitten says:

    Love it! The bright color looks great with your skin tone!

  4. Cheryl, do you do your nails every day? Are you right or left handed? How in the world do you do both hands without messing up. They’re literally perfect.

    • not always EVERY day, but if I decide I don’t like my nails, I will immediately change them, and sometimes it ends up being every day…

      I’m right handed…. and I DO mess up, sometimes on both hands. LOL. I used to practice writing the alphabet every day I went to my tax law class (i HATED that class), and I think it really helped strengthen my left hand control, but I still have to work at keeping my left hand steady.

      they aren’t at all perfect, but thank you 🙂


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