*inserting gratuitous shoe pic* lol


On my trip to Amsterdam with my sister several years back, we crossed all over the Red Light District…. I only saw ONE red light…. and never saw ONE window.  SMH.  But I saw a zillion coffeeshops.  lol. I really need to go back.

I wanted my fingernails blue, but to tie in this beautiful bright red from OPI’s 2012 Holland Collection I went ahead and made some accent nails. With dots, naturally.

OPI “Red Lights Ahead…Where?”
& China Glaze “For Audrey”


IMG_3164  IMG_3165

The Zoo

China Glaze “Classic Camel”
w/ dark pink acrylic paint dots


IMG_3139   IMG_3140

It just looks like a Giraffe print to me.   So Camels & Giraffes.  Do they even have camels at the zoo???? Wait, do they have giraffes at the zoo?   I haven’t been to the zoo in far too long…. obviously.

The “Classic Camel” is prettier in the bottle than on my nails.  It does, however, have a beautiful gold shimmer.  But the drabness and neutrality makes for a great nail art base color.

A Roll In The Hague

…… with a little St. Patrick’s day on the side.

I have been anxious to get this deep vibrant orange polish on my nails for about 2 weeks now.  It was the main color I decided I needed from OPI’s Holland Collection.

But I had to give the Irish in me at least a little shout out.  Yes, I’ve got that Scot-Irish last name thing happening.  I have a  red-headed Irishman for a great-great or something.  So, I added a couple clovers.

OPI “A Roll In The Hague”


Sinful Colors “Irish Green”

IMG_3106  IMG_3108


IMG_3109  IMG_3110

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Enjoy your green libations! Smile


It certainly felt like Spring a couple of days ago. 65 degrees and everything… it’s cold again now though.

Last weekend I basically binged on polish shopping.  First, I went with Dee Dee to the nail supply store, and walked out with  OPI’s entire new Holland Collection for the Spring, plus two colors from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection….

It got worse.  I attended the Midwest’s Americas Beauty Show.  This event was HUGE.  I was completely overwhelmed and wonderfully exhausted afterward….. And my debt was higher.  LOL.  I walked away with a ton of beauty supplies… including 7 China Glaze polishes and 8 OPI polishes.  Yep, I’ll get around to more frequent manicuring very soon!

I couldn’t resist testing out a couple of colors, and the “Fall-like” color combo resulted. 

OPI – “Chopsticking To My Story” (orange)  & 
“Wooden Shoe Like To Know?” (brown)


IMG_3050  IMG_3051

As I applied the brown, it reminded me so much of “You Don’t Know Jacques!”  – – – BUT they are so different.  “Wooden Shoe Like To Know” has a rosy tint with a muted gold shimmer. As normal, my amateur photographing will never do these colors justice.


Odd that this SPRING Collection color worked so well as an Autumn color.

Not to worry, I’m heading for some bright loud colors in just a second. Smile


When Aryiana’s dad sent me a photo saying she was “like your friend Cheryl”(that would be me, lol)… I was super flattered!!!  It made my whole day. 

I was inspired Smile…..and a new manicure is ALWAYS fun!

Aryiana’s design:

Pink & Periwinkle


My copycat version:

China Glaze “Sea Spray”  & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Instant Iris”


IMG_3017  IMG_3018



Hope you like it Aryiana!!  🙂

Looks Like Spring

…. but it ain’t.  It’s FREEZING outside. It FEELS nothing like Spring.

The wind was whipping so harshly I thought my windows were going to shatter last night.  And though I don’t know where mine are right now, it’s so cold, you need gloves still.

That little groundhog was serious when he predicted six more weeks of Winter.  I guess we are going to really get ALL six weeks of that mess here in Chicago.  If it actually snows this weekend though, I’ll be good.  Smile

China Glaze “Gothic Lolita” & “Sweet Hook”
&  a flower

IMG_2987  IMG_2988