White on White on Dots

The colors were sitting together on the polish rack…. like they wanted to be used together. so…

NO, I will never tire of dots.  🙂 no. never. lol

China Glaze “Thataway” (dot)

China Glaze “White on White” (base)
China Glaze “Concrete Catwalk” (center dot)


9 comments on “White on White on Dots

  1. Heather says:

    They kind of look like googly eyeballs on your fingers. *giggles* I like them, though!

  2. TopCoatIt says:

    I thought of eyeballs too. 🙂 Thataway is pretty.

  3. I will never tire of dots too. Especially polka dots!


  4. Airpan says:

    There is something about a clean, crisp, white, and then smack-dab in the middle – dots. Gotta love it. 😉


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