Lava Lamp

My hands look like hazard cones!!! for real. lol

Man, this polish is so bright, it really COULD hurt your eyes. 

I used the gold glitter holographic top coat.  I just can’t give up glitter completely.  lol.

Color Club “Lava Lamp”
w/ Northern Lights Gold Holo Glitter topcoat


IMG_2954  IMG_2955


Pictures make the color look more “red”, but they are really “orange-y”! Smile  Straight hazard cones!


When did this become important?  From bra & panty sets….. to socks…. to belts & shoes.

I don’t even know when I started… or when I started caring.  But, I had to do it.

yep,  they matchSmile….. at least for today.  lol.


China Glaze “Sea Spray”
topcoat “Northern Lights” – gold holographic glitter

IMG_2821  IMG_2822

look at that holo glow!
IMG_2824  IMG_2825

after a morning mani… on the way to work


I love this combination. It is such a light and nude display… but so whimsical and intriguing.  One of those manicures that doesn’t call attention to itself, but when you catch a glimpse, you’re taken.

Love Letters is polish that is the equivalent of a whisper.  So soft.

Pictures can’t do the holographic flakies in Shine of the Times justice.

So if you’re not into bright colors or wild and crazy nail art…. this one is for you.  Finished and fancy.

China Glaze “Love Letters”


Essie Luxeffects “Shine of the Times”



IMG_2807  IMG_2808