When did this become important?  From bra & panty sets….. to socks…. to belts & shoes.

I don’t even know when I started… or when I started caring.  But, I had to do it.

yep,  they matchSmile….. at least for today.  lol.


China Glaze “Sea Spray”
topcoat “Northern Lights” – gold holographic glitter

IMG_2821  IMG_2822

look at that holo glow!
IMG_2824  IMG_2825

after a morning mani… on the way to work


I love this combination. It is such a light and nude display… but so whimsical and intriguing.  One of those manicures that doesn’t call attention to itself, but when you catch a glimpse, you’re taken.

Love Letters is polish that is the equivalent of a whisper.  So soft.

Pictures can’t do the holographic flakies in Shine of the Times justice.

So if you’re not into bright colors or wild and crazy nail art…. this one is for you.  Finished and fancy.

China Glaze “Love Letters”


Essie Luxeffects “Shine of the Times”



IMG_2807  IMG_2808

polish collection

I think I have finally organized my “workspace” for my polish. Smile  Here’s where I sit to unwind and paint.



I purchased a nail polish rack from the beauty supply store for my desk – I think it was $23 (maybe $28?? don’t remember)… should hold 60 bottles but because OPI polishes are “fat” only 11 fit on each level, but 12 Sinful Colors fit on each, so I managed to fit 59 bottles on this rack.


Last night someone asked me how many polishes I owned.  I didn’t really know…. so at the time I said maybe about 100.  So today I counted…. the ones that were out…. and not including the nail art polishes…. nor including basecoats and top coats:


That sounds like too many…. but it doesn’t even seem like that much when I’m sitting in front of them.  It does, however, explain why I don’t mind doing my nails basically every day though. lol.

Here’s where I keep the other bottles and more nail art supplies.  I have to keep everything in view and easily accessible. 


I found the cutest expandable rack… probably created for spices or something, at Target, for about $15. 

                                           White 3-Tier Expandable Shelf.Opens in a new window <—click for Target website link

It’s a nice rack too.  It has non-slip gripping pads so keeps the polish stable.  I can fit 2 rows of polish on each level, so it holds a good amount of polish.  Keeps them neatly organized and accessible.

So that’s how and where I keep my polish. 

Good Night, Sleep Tight

What I want more than anything right now is just a REALLY good restful night of sleep.   The resting part of the evening has been evasive this week.  Sad smile

I’m tired.  Not all that sleepy, but my body (and mind) want rest!

Sinful Colors:

“Black on Black”,Midnight Blue”, Out of This World”, Pull Over”


IMG_2798  IMG_2799


IMG_2796The base color is black, then I sponged on the midnight blue from the middle to the tip of the nail, and then sponged the silver on the tips…. After that, I added the crescent moons, stars and a couple of “zzz’s”…






IMG_2802that one star looks like a snowflake… and well, it IS snowing outside again, lol.  So, it’s alllll good. Smile



Now it’s time for me to go to bed!

Night Night.





had to get rid of the snowflake:



Stop signs have been lingering in my thoughts.  I had to get my vehicle emissions test done, and get my license plate renewal sticker.  I guess traffic stuff has just been on my mind.

When I looked up a stop sign image online, I came across this website with the history of stop signs.  Interesting.

and an image:

Sinful Colors “Ruby Ruby” & “Pull Over”


IMG_2782  IMG_2783



Stripes are NOT my friend.

I clearly got hoodwinked into attempting stripes…again.  lol.  I tried.   The light pink lines weren’t showing up so I tried to add dark pink lines…. I can’t say that helped though.

I’m never giving up my dots.  NEVER.

OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

IMG_2776  IMG_2778


p.s. Duana, I hate stripes…. at least until I can paint them nicely.  haha

Cupcakes & Aisha

I really wanted to cut my nails from last week, so I just needed an excuse. So when my pinky nail started to crack, they had to go.  Now I have a new workspace for nail art!!

I have grown to love the color combination of pink and brown…

…that is all Aisha’s doing.  And now, every single time I see the combo, I  think of Aisha.  She has great taste.

And every time I look at this design on my nails, I just think of cupcakes….

Cupcakes and Aisha.  lol.

OPI “A-Taupe The Space Needle”
w/pink acrylic paint dots

010     008

I love polka dots!

Nail Porn

I planned on breaking out my China Glaze Electropop Lights Spring 2012 collection ….. that I wasn’t aware (when I purchased last week), was to be released to the public in FEBRUARY 2012??  *checks calendar*…. LOL… 
001   003
Winking smile
it’s still winter anyway.

At any rate, my wonderful sister brought me a Zoya nail polish delivery….

and. I. Lusted.

Zoya “Veruschka” (how it’s spelled on the bottle)
{Veruschuka [<–link] – how it’s spelled in the text of the Zoya site??}

011  010

I don’t know what the name means, but it must be something sexy because when I tell you I swooned… SMH.   If I didn’t like matte polish before……

…… was because I hadn’t met Zoya.

this must be the most beautiful forest green I have ever experienced.  No, not seen…. experienced.  There is nothing I don’t love about this polish.  The brush is beautiful.  The formulation is smooth…. and has the prettiest shimmer, which gives the matte depth.  It’s beautiful.

There. are. no. more. words.