a notebook

I was looking in the office supply section at Target and I saw this notebook. 

couldn’t help myself.
worked with colors I already had instead of searching for these specific colors. Smile

IMG_2490  IMG_2513

Essie “Turquoise And Caicos”
light green & white nail art stripers

IMG_2514  IMG_2512


It was supposed to be a candy cane.  I promise.  LOL….. I have no clue why it looked so different in my mind when I was devising it. 


After the first nail was finished, I determined it looked like some tinsel-y garland  wrapping around a foil tree… which suits the holiday theme just fine.

so there you have it.  I’ll try a candy cane theme again in a couple days. and see what it ends up looking like.  ha ha

OPI “Designer De Better”  (Muppets Collection) 

I almost stopped right here.  This foil polish is so pretty, so so pretty…

however, I pressed on in my quest to summon some holiday cheerfulness.  I attempted CANDY CANES!!!!!… ended up with garland.  smh. if it wasn’t an acceptable garland…… that would have been a MESS.

IMG_2465  IMG_2469

I’m just saying…. it was supposed to be a candy cane design!  lol

happy holidays

Shock Value

funny that people are paying attention even if you don’t think they are….

my coworker commented that I didn’t do a design on my nails “today”….. but my “new french” manicure (from yesterday) IS a design!!!!!!  classic…. but still a design, no doubt….

I had an extremely long day, so, to unwind, I had to stir things up.  And “do a design”  lol. 

this color just caught my eyes.  and the new purple paint I got this weekend was waving over there from the side, so I splashed some dots on. I can tell when I really like my nails….. I look at them over and over……. I can’t keep my eyes off these.

Sinful Colors “ Hazard” w/ purple acrylic paint dots


A Dream Deferred


good for the soul??


concept better than reality:
  IMG_2432 IMG_2429
Nicole Miller “French Vanilla” (base)
OPI “Green-wich Village” & dark pink acrylic paint (applied w/nail art brush")
Color Club Nail Art Striper “Crème de Razzery” & “Glitter Hologram”

Reality better than expected:
OPI “Sparrow Me The Drama”
green acrylic paint & Color Club white nail art striper
IMG_2437   IMG_2436 
inspired by:
TopCoatIt’s "argyle nails”

new attempts:
OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
Color Club Nail Art Striper “
Crème De Razerry”
Stripe Right green nail art striper

i love it.

IMG_2444 IMG_2446
Essie “Chastity” (base)
Color Club – Nail Art Stripers  “Mint” & “White”

Thank you….from Diedra


Contributor Dee Dee gave me the nicest thank you card last week. That isn’t really surprising… she’s thoughtful like that.

The card was so pretty I couldn’t get the envelope print out of my mind.

And then it kinda ended up on my nails. Smile

I tried to keep it simple, so I only tested out the hologram top coat on the nail of my ring finger.  It’s SOOO pretty.  It took all kinds of self-control to keep from slathering that beautiful topcoat across the other nine nails…well (I did slip.  I put it on the pinky nail of my other hand.  I couldn’t resist.)

The base color is OPI -  “Malaysian Mist”… dark pink, brown and orange acrylic paint applied with a dotting tool. 

Top Coat – INM’s Out the Door – “Northern Lights” (Hologram Top Coat ‘Gold’”)

IMG_2414  IMG_2409



When I started, my plan was just some basic cheerful  nails…. because I really need a mood lift. Sad smile.

As the task progressed….. do you realize how many ways there are to make a flickin’ smiley face these days??!!

Emoticons are taking over…. except ones with botox -__- LOL!




it did improve my mood… and is teaching me steadiness with a nail brush.  Smile


When I saw the snowflakes “falling” on the main page of the blog site (yay!), I immediately got excited.  I LOVE snow.   Love is an understatement.

Now mind you, I’ve been practicing good snowflake designs for like two weeks.  And still no presentable snowflakes in sight for my nailbeds. 😦

Now this one from cutepolish vids is adorable….

…. and though I love her designs, and I love using my dotting tool – it seemed too simplified for my lofty expectation of my artistic ATTEMPTS…  As I still haven’t mastered even a “neat” snowflake.

then I found this snowflake tutorial.   I liked. More dots, but it was a tiny bit more complicated.

I ended up with a sort of in-between snowflake from the two… and I could only withstand the painstaking task on the fingernails of my ring fingers…. this nail art is work! Smile  I used the appropriately named “Avalanche” for the base color, and white polish with a very skinny nail striping art brush for the snowflake.  I used a glitter polish with a dotting tool for some sparkly spots. When it actually snows here in Chicago [I wish it would hurry up and snow!!], I’m doing a snowflake design – again.  (does this one count?)

China Glaze “Avalanche”IMG_2381


The Ohio State University

I am from Ohio. First from Dayton, and then we moved to Columbus.

My Dad is a Buckeye fan…. so, of course, SO AM I!!!!

Contributor Dee Dee and I will have a “forever feud” about her wack Michigan team versus those auspicious Buckeyes!! Winking smile

With Monday’s announcement of the new head football coach at The Ohio State University, I felt it was a wonderfully appropriate time to show some Scarlet & Gray love.

Maybelline Express Finish “Racy Red”
OPI “Suzi Takes the Wheel”
white acrylic paint (dots)
Color Club black & white nail art stripers

I took inspiration from Urban Meyer’s press conference tie & mic cover. I may have to practice writing out “Ohio State” with my nail art tools. lolurbanmeyerOSU



The Ohio State University Nail