a notebook

I was looking in the office supply section at Target and I saw this notebook. 

couldn’t help myself.
worked with colors I already had instead of searching for these specific colors. Smile

IMG_2490  IMG_2513

Essie “Turquoise And Caicos”
light green & white nail art stripers

IMG_2514  IMG_2512

4 comments on “a notebook

  1. marie says:

    I can see you conducting a tutorial during break time on a project. We would be laughing and having so much fun trying all the new designs.

  2. This blog is GREAT!! Can we (by that I mean I) get some tutorials? Iono how to do this stuff!!

    • lol Tiffany!! 🙂 Thanks! I wouldn’t mind doing tutorials, but I feel like the stuff I do is so basic and easy I wouldn’t know what to tell you to do. I will try to start adding photos of step-by-steps as I go through the manicure. We’ll see how that works. *fingers crossed*


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