It was supposed to be a candy cane.  I promise.  LOL….. I have no clue why it looked so different in my mind when I was devising it. 


After the first nail was finished, I determined it looked like some tinsel-y garland  wrapping around a foil tree… which suits the holiday theme just fine.

so there you have it.  I’ll try a candy cane theme again in a couple days. and see what it ends up looking like.  ha ha

OPI “Designer De Better”  (Muppets Collection) 

I almost stopped right here.  This foil polish is so pretty, so so pretty…

however, I pressed on in my quest to summon some holiday cheerfulness.  I attempted CANDY CANES!!!!!… ended up with garland.  smh. if it wasn’t an acceptable garland…… that would have been a MESS.

IMG_2465  IMG_2469

I’m just saying…. it was supposed to be a candy cane design!  lol

happy holidays

4 comments on “garland

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    I thought candy cane when I first saw it, but I see the garland too. Very festive.

  2. Jamila says:

    I love it!!! The designs are amazing…you are very talented!! Keep it up!


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