I like these stripes

I was perusing some YouTube videos…. with no expectation.  Saw this video for a striped gradient by xoJahtna. I got inspired.

I’m pleased.

Sinful Colors“Timbleberry”, “Hazard”, “Vacation Time” &  “Easy Going”

IMG_4486  IMG_4487


City Nightlife

This just matches a night out on the town.  Slightly edgy and flashy, and FUN!

OPI – “Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok, Fine!” (2012 Germany Collection) & “Metallic 4
(Nicki Minaj Collection)

My hand felt like a model on location, in the city.  lol.  My nails fit right in with all the lights and traffic.  All I needed was to really go out.



Time for some season changing colors……


I am loving these sponging gradients.  I did the typical horizontal one….. just looked “stripe-y” to me…. so I applied it diagonally.  And I love that look so much more. Smile


OPI – “Don’t Talk Bach To Me” (Germany Collection) &”Suzi Takes The Wheel” & “Nein! Nein! Nein!Ok, Fine!” (Germany Collection)
IMG_4384  IMG_4389


Inspired by my new twitter friend @LacqueredAffair . . . who has a most wonderful manicure avi….

Though I don’t really do gems on my nails because of my (self-diagnosed) tactile OCD, I loved the design.  So, I had to do my own take on the manicure that involved nothing I could easily yank off my nail.  LOL.

China Glaze – “White on White”


IMG_4359  IMG_4360

Happy Birthday!!!



It’s my birthday!!!  Smile  Yayyyyy!!!

happy birthday

So I did my celebratory nails… complete with confetti and a few tiny streamers on accent nails.

IMG_4337  IMG_4341

I used a no-chip gel polish this time!  La Palm Gel II’s –  “Out of My Way” as the base color…

…and my wonderfully beloved polka dots in acrylic paint.  ( I heart dots!! forever).

I have planned a “do NOTHING” day.  Two hour massage from my favorite massage therapist, a triple venti soy caramel macchiato from Starbucks, a cupcake from Sprinkles…. and then kicking up my feet for a pedicure…. then seriously kicking up my feet to just chill.

SmileHappy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!!! Smile