Bears Fan

He has got to be one of the biggest Chicago Bears fans EVER!  I mean, Bears logo EVERYWHERE…. EVERYWHERE.

So, as I finished his manicure… complete with matte topcoat, he allowed me to have some fun and tolerated some nail art. Smile


And now we can add a new location for his Bears logo: his fingernail!

For him this is definitely extreme “fan-dom”, but I think it was kinda hot.   #DaBears Smile


IMG_4283  IMG_4286

I’m a Bombshell

“Sexy and sensual, [your] style is abundant with playful prints, flirtatious cuts, and saturated hues…” 

That’s what Julep said… and I’m going to go ahead and take their word for it.  I agree.Winking smile

I finally took the plunge and became a Julep Maven.

Julep – “Eva” & “Sienna”


The formulation is incredible.  And I love the colors in my first Maven Box. I could get used to this polish.  Quickly. The foil polish “Sienna” might be the best and shiniest foil I’ve ever used, with the simplest application and perfect opacity.  This bottle will get emptied soooooo fast.  I could wear this all the time.

I haven’t yet tried the Pedi Crème, but if it’s anything like the polish, I’m in for a treat.  The directions boast “noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses.” I’ll let you know what I think!

IMG_4203 IMG_4205 IMG_4207

The picture on the informational materials (the leopard platform heeled sandals) most definitely swayed my design plan.  CLEARLY!  lol


I already love being a Julep Maven! 

  IMG_4212  IMG_4213

Yeah, go ahead and become one too Smile. Tell them I sent you.  lol

Big Day Today!!

This day has been a GREAT one… and I haven’t even taken lunch yet.  lol  I can’t wait to see what else this day brings!

After waking up an hour and a half late and subsequently arriving that late as well (to the day job, lol … I was greeted with tons of congratulatory messages from friends and family!!

THEN, Rachel (from TopCoatIt) alerted me to another wonderful suprise!!  PUBLISHED on “365 days of Nail Art” Blog !!!

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!  Check it out with the link below :-).

Bright Stripe Nails


Email Announcement

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So, I know I’ve been pretty negligent in blogging…. but as you can see, I’ve been busy.  Lol. 

And I’m exhausted.  All my creative energy is drained, and I need to re-up.

I’m excited and anxious… and just trying to stay calm!!!  Smile This will definitely be a ride.  Hope you’ll join me… and stay tuned.

p.s.  my nails feel even more neglected than the blog.  I promise to pay more attention to both in just a second. 


Hey guys, Duana here! It has been sooo long since I posted! I’ve been busy graduating and stuff.  And everyone knows what happens after graduation: the dreaded job search. UGH!

After sending out what seemed to be around 1 million resumes and applying for 15,000 positions, I got a call back from a company in my target region. I got an interview!! Naturally I went on a quest to find the perfect interview pinky-neutral, one that was subtly appropriate, but still packed a punch and made a nice statement.

I came across Zoya’s “Laurie”, a sheer pink that was like a palate cleanser to my usual neon-hued nails.  I loved it! For my pedicure, I went a little bolder with OPI’s “Pink Flamenco”. I love the color combination!

Zoya “Laurie”,  OPI “Pink Flamenco”

P.S. I got the job! The manicure was the clincher, I’m sure of it!! lol…

Sally Stamped

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – “Jade Jump” & “Mint Sprint”
Shany Plate – SH18


I made a brief return to stamping.  Well, it may not end up brief.  I may linger here for a while because I think it’s so pretty.  These Insta-Dri colors are GREAT.  Quick drying for the base color, and perfect consistency for stamping. And I still have quite a few stamping plates to explore.


IMG_4112  IMG_4114

Olympic Fever


It finally hit me while watching that little Gabby win Gold!!!!  Excitement just came over me like a whoosh!!!!!  I’m so proud of her. 🙂

The Olympics have been pretty much all I’ve seen for a solid week….

So of course…. it made its way onto my nails.

From the torch lighting…IMG_4061

IMG_4065to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

All in LondonIMG_4062;

while I’m rooting for the United States of America IMG_4063


…. all on NBC. IMG_4064