Time for some season changing colors……


I am loving these sponging gradients.  I did the typical horizontal one….. just looked “stripe-y” to me…. so I applied it diagonally.  And I love that look so much more. Smile


OPI – “Don’t Talk Bach To Me” (Germany Collection) &”Suzi Takes The Wheel” & “Nein! Nein! Nein!Ok, Fine!” (Germany Collection)
IMG_4384  IMG_4389

8 comments on “Fall

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I agree, I love it diagonally!

  2. lanerbell says:

    Did you do each color individually on the sponge or did you put them all on the sponge at once? I love it!

  3. Gorgeous combo!!!!! I love this.

  4. For some reason my gradients never come out right. I am loving this color combination for fall.

    • Thanks Orchid!! 🙂 Welcome to the blogosphere!

      Gradients don’t really come out wrong!! Yours are unique! I really like using an art sponge instead of makeup sponges though. More texture to me.

      I’m going to be looking for some gradient posts from you!!! 🙂


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