Nail Porn

I planned on breaking out my China Glaze Electropop Lights Spring 2012 collection ….. that I wasn’t aware (when I purchased last week), was to be released to the public in FEBRUARY 2012??  *checks calendar*…. LOL… 
001   003
Winking smile
it’s still winter anyway.

At any rate, my wonderful sister brought me a Zoya nail polish delivery….

and. I. Lusted.

Zoya “Veruschka” (how it’s spelled on the bottle)
{Veruschuka [<–link] – how it’s spelled in the text of the Zoya site??}

011  010

I don’t know what the name means, but it must be something sexy because when I tell you I swooned… SMH.   If I didn’t like matte polish before……

…… was because I hadn’t met Zoya.

this must be the most beautiful forest green I have ever experienced.  No, not seen…. experienced.  There is nothing I don’t love about this polish.  The brush is beautiful.  The formulation is smooth…. and has the prettiest shimmer, which gives the matte depth.  It’s beautiful.

There. are. no. more. words.