polish collection

I think I have finally organized my “workspace” for my polish. Smile  Here’s where I sit to unwind and paint.



I purchased a nail polish rack from the beauty supply store for my desk – I think it was $23 (maybe $28?? don’t remember)… should hold 60 bottles but because OPI polishes are “fat” only 11 fit on each level, but 12 Sinful Colors fit on each, so I managed to fit 59 bottles on this rack.


Last night someone asked me how many polishes I owned.  I didn’t really know…. so at the time I said maybe about 100.  So today I counted…. the ones that were out…. and not including the nail art polishes…. nor including basecoats and top coats:


That sounds like too many…. but it doesn’t even seem like that much when I’m sitting in front of them.  It does, however, explain why I don’t mind doing my nails basically every day though. lol.

Here’s where I keep the other bottles and more nail art supplies.  I have to keep everything in view and easily accessible. 


I found the cutest expandable rack… probably created for spices or something, at Target, for about $15. 

                                           White 3-Tier Expandable Shelf.Opens in a new window <—click for Target website link

It’s a nice rack too.  It has non-slip gripping pads so keeps the polish stable.  I can fit 2 rows of polish on each level, so it holds a good amount of polish.  Keeps them neatly organized and accessible.

So that’s how and where I keep my polish. 

10 comments on “polish collection

  1. Jellie Bean says:

    I jealous I wish I had that many lol I’ve finally found a polish rack to organise mine they look so much better organised than stuffed in a draw lol

  2. nailsNAILED says:

    Nice set up! I can spot some really nice polishes there!

  3. cocoabeach954 says:

    Wooow Cheryl! You are not playin!

  4. RJ GIST says:

    I dont wear colors on my nails..but I don’t know what is exciting me more…the fact that you have a huge nail polish collection…your storage layout…or the fact that you care so much to keep your nails looking fabulous. I wish I could show this post to every woman that I meet lol.

  5. Audrey says:

    Looks like you robbed a nail salon!


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