Good Night, Sleep Tight

What I want more than anything right now is just a REALLY good restful night of sleep.   The resting part of the evening has been evasive this week.  Sad smile

I’m tired.  Not all that sleepy, but my body (and mind) want rest!

Sinful Colors:

“Black on Black”,Midnight Blue”, Out of This World”, Pull Over”


IMG_2798  IMG_2799


IMG_2796The base color is black, then I sponged on the midnight blue from the middle to the tip of the nail, and then sponged the silver on the tips…. After that, I added the crescent moons, stars and a couple of “zzz’s”…






IMG_2802that one star looks like a snowflake… and well, it IS snowing outside again, lol.  So, it’s alllll good. Smile



Now it’s time for me to go to bed!

Night Night.





had to get rid of the snowflake:


First Dance

My plan was to use a topcoat of Essie’s “As Gold As It Gets”.  And I’m certain it will be pretty if I ever get around to doing it….. but something in my soul just prevented me from marring this beautiful polish.  I couldn’t do it. 

There is just something about a pretty red nail…(ask Our Painted World’s hubby Smile)


Essie “First Dance”


IMG_2787  IMG_2788