How To Get Over the Loss of…well,… A Nail

So today I lost a dear friend…. my right thumbnail.  Happens to the best of them.IMG_2211[1]

It can be so heart-wrenching to lose something you’ve grown so attached to… you grew close for so long…
When the loss comes by a terrible tragedy like a rip from bending backward or slamming against a hard surface…. or is a loss below the “quick” (or hyponychium), you can experience physical pain… You need healing!

Whether physical or psychological… my approach:

MAKE A CLEAN BREAK!  Get rid of ALL of them.  Stop holding onto those ragged lengths.  Start afresh.  Your hands will look nicer….

And to soothe yourself…. find a new and wonderful, fun polish.   I did —->

Sinful Colors  “Irish Green”
pretty bright! almost neon when I first started the application.  took 3 coats to get decent coverage.  PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day!  Might work with some design for the Christmas season too.


It might take a minute to get used the new “feel” of no nails… but it goes away quickly, I promise… I know I’ll get a lot more done… for a little while Smile.

OPI–“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)

Suzi Takes The Wheel1     Beautiful crème gray…. but it’s not “just” gray.  Each time I want to call it gray, I just keep seeing a hint of green.   Like an undertone of camouflage green keeps peeking its little head out. ( I think the more accurate color would be “sage” though.)

You might say,  “well, I already have  a gray crème polish.”  I reply,  “not this one.”  Though it’s very neutral and seemingly subtle, something about it is very eye-catching in its smoothness.

Very nice coverage with this polish.  Nothing sheer about it.  Quality OPI.

      Suzi Takes The Wheel3

OPI–Wocka Wocka (Muppets Collection)

Irresistible….. Had. To. Purchase!  This is a stunning red.  It’s gorgeous. Very creamy “bold statement” red, with  a shimmer.  OPI at its best. Ridiculously similar to OPI’s “Im Not Really A Waitress”…  Still beautiful.  Still purchased.

 OPI “Wocka Wocka” with Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps as basecoat and Sehce Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


Newspaper Nails

My friend Natural Hair Styling by DiAnneB. (<—link to her page) sent me a wonderful link…

Newspaper Nails

I had to try it IMMEDIATELY….. I was so excited to see if I could make it work.  This was my first attempt:

OPI – Rumple’s Wiggin’ with the Trader Joe’s marketing circular
  312831_10150884331840383_877095382_21374406_902028794_n[1]     309583_10150884376355383_877095382_21374571_726115577_n[1]


I wasn’t 100% pleased with the results, so I had a do-over!  That’s one of the wonderful things about nails…. you get to try again. I liked my second try much better:

OPI – Moon Over Mumbai with The Chicago Reader
newspaper nails

Next time I’m going to try Comic Strip Nails as explained by cutepolish!

BFF – Bland for Fran, my bff

More than anything, I know with certainty that my best friend Fran, HATES a neutral color palette for her nails!
So I was searching for a wonderfully bland, neutral, non-stimulating color just for her!  LMAO. 

I actually found an absolutely beautifully finished and gracefully delicate and classy color in my Sinful Colors stash. Out of This World 
(My SDA-friendly polish lovers –>this is definitely one for you)   

 . . . . But then I got distracted, in my normal “polish ADHD” fashion, and had to swagggg that polish out.  I layered a couple of coats of Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty on top. Luv it!  The glitter in this polish has great coverage but the finish is smooth like no glitter exists.  This is good polish right here!

Sinful Colors – Out of This World

(left – Out of This World)                                        (right – w/Queen of Beauty)

out of this world     queen of beauty

the results:
frans polish      IMG_2192

I like the look of my nails better in everyday life than photos with the bottle of polish.  You can see the detail of the glitter in this pic from my cab ride on the way to work. Almost looks like aluminum foil 🙂

Sinful Colors Haul–Walgreens .99 cent sale

Randomly, I found out from a twitterfriend (@TXgirl512)  who found out from a twitterfriend (@candicebeauty) who found out (Smile) that Walgreens was having a nationwide sale on Sinful Colors nail colors the week of October 24.  I checked the online circular, saw the sale….. raced right on over to Walgreens, made a beeline to the cosmetics department… and…… voila!

19 new Sinful Colors nail colors to add to the 9 bottles I already owned!  #winning


I passed the info on to my facebook friends….. Wasn’t sure if anyone would indulge…..


Dee Dee  my “partner in nail polish crime” made out great!  She even slipped a beautiful Essie “Chinchilly” in there.  ha! Can’t be mad at an Essie polish. especially a smooth gray like that one.


And this GORGEOUS display, with some absolutely beautiful color choices, was sent from one of the sweetest friends I know, Charlyce :-). I didn’t even know she had heard about. or was taking advantage of this .99 cent sale!   Such a pleasant surprise to know of our “polish persuasion”.  lol


I definitely should have gone back for more colors, as I barely scratched the surface of Sinful Colors’ collection.  However, I got too excited and anxious to use the colors I had already purchased and never went back to check for more. 

Needless to say, there will be a ton of Sinful Colors posts in the near future.

**Infotip:  Sinful Colors is  a nail color line created by Mirage Cosmetics which was acquired by Revlon in March 2011…. and apparently NOT an OPI manufactured brand, as rumored.

My Nail Care

I’ve been often asked what I do to keep my nails nice/healthy.  How do I care for/maintain my nails?

The short answer is:  I polish them.  A lot.

A healthy nailbed is important… and probably good genes.  Prissyness is probably a key quality too.  You have to actually care about your nails.  You pay attention to what you care about.

I do NOT cut or trim my cuticles.  They are there for protection.  It’s important to keep them moisturized and pushed back.  A good time to push them back is right after washing your hands while you’re drying them with a towel.  I use cuticle oil freely.  I DO nip hangnails though!  As immediately as possible.

Filing has been VERY low on my list of nail upkeep activities. Rare buffing to smooth the nail surface before re-polishing.  If my nails are snagging on material or have the slightest jagged edge, I use a fine/medium buffer to smooth it out, but my nails grow better when they are left alone.  So, why should I argue with them. *shrugs*

I like the moisturizing in shea butter and oftentimes regular ol’ petroleum jelly for general hand softening.   And DRINK WATER.  Hydration from the inside out!

My natural nails…. free and unencumbered 🙂
nails 3

What I use abundantly:  
Cuticle Oil, Base coat, Top Coat
nail supplies

Right now my favorite cuticle oil is from Sally Beauty Supply – Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil.  It smells incredible.  And it works.  Cuticle oil at the end of every manicure…. and any other time I think about using it.

Sally Hansen has some really time-tested products…. they’ve been around forever.  I like "Hard as Wraps" Nail Gel Hardener as a basecoat when my nails have grown out.  It strengthens my nails and gives them extra protection for the "clumsiness" of my person.  I don’t do manual labor or anything…but my everyday wear on my nails can be grueling for a "little ol’ nail".  The added acrylic gel fibers in the product are extremely supportive.

So far, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat is my favorite fast drying topcoat.  It works as promised, and dries any polish color within a minute after application.  Of course, it tells you to wait two minutes before applying it, but still… three minutes for dry polish is a win!  Since I started using this topcoat I haven’t had sheet imprints on nary a nailbed.   This is telling because I’m notorious for the "right before bedtime" manicure.

When my nails are very short, I opt out on basecoat. Once they have any amount of length that I want to retain, I use a strengthening basecoat.

That’s pretty much my entire nail care routine.

…and do everything as daintily as you can…. your nails will love it. 😉

it’s time…… for a polish blog

I guess it’s BEEN time for this… but I’m finally doing it Smile

This polish was a special request from one of my dearest and closest friends and former Roomie, Kimberly.

She loves fuchsia, so…. I found this  Sinful Colors “Dream On”  in my polish stash. 

I really hate this polish.  It’s matte.  And I love a good gleaming shine… Of course, that’s easily acquired with a brilliant topcoat.  So, technically, problem solved.



004   IMG_2181

There are definite advantages to this matte polish.  It dries very quickly.  This one has decent opacity. But I still find it challenging.  The polish easily swipes “off” while you’re polishing.  That’s all bad.  I managed through the application though. *sidenote:  I AM giving this polish away immediately.  I don’t want to use it again.  I have to find another fuchsia.

Even though it’s not a favorite… it turned out decent.


TopCoat Shine: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri TopCoat    013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – “Check it Out”


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips –  “Check It Out”

Sally Hansen hit a homerun with these.  I love them.

What I love most is that this is actually nail lacquer…. in a little strip.  Which means, it comes off with polish remover.  Without the drying time.  Without the bedsheet imprints, lol. And without soaking off nail tips or layers of gel, or super tacky adhesive. No super expensive heat lamps needed.  No licensed nail technician. Or special training.

Relatively easy to apply.  Best to follow instructions exactly as printed.  Definitely do all other eight fingernails first and do the thumbs LAST!  You’ll feel handicapped otherwise.  Your thumbs become an integral part of the process of removing the backing and top sheet from the tapes to apply them to your nailbeds.

The company touts this product as lasting up to TEN days.

I have heard otherwise…. but my experience:  I believe them.



















nails 2nails

I actually was sick of having the same design on my nails for so long, so I just removed them.  There was nothing wrong with the polish.  I even tried chipping the polish away at my cuticles and everything.  No dice.

I did use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast drying topcoat a while after applying the strips just because I am accustomed to more than one coat of nail polish on my nails.  It gave it more shine, and maybe it helped extend the wear.  Not really sure.

I do believe that chipping has a better chance of occurring when the tips of the nails are used for daily activities as opposed to the pads of the fingertips.  But that’s really a theory since this polish didn’t chip at all on my nails.

The price.  It was about $10 where I purchased mine.  (CVS).  Not too bad, I suppose.