How To Get Over the Loss of…well,… A Nail

So today I lost a dear friend…. my right thumbnail.  Happens to the best of them.IMG_2211[1]

It can be so heart-wrenching to lose something you’ve grown so attached to… you grew close for so long…
When the loss comes by a terrible tragedy like a rip from bending backward or slamming against a hard surface…. or is a loss below the “quick” (or hyponychium), you can experience physical pain… You need healing!

Whether physical or psychological… my approach:

MAKE A CLEAN BREAK!  Get rid of ALL of them.  Stop holding onto those ragged lengths.  Start afresh.  Your hands will look nicer….

And to soothe yourself…. find a new and wonderful, fun polish.   I did —->

Sinful Colors  “Irish Green”
pretty bright! almost neon when I first started the application.  took 3 coats to get decent coverage.  PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day!  Might work with some design for the Christmas season too.


It might take a minute to get used the new “feel” of no nails… but it goes away quickly, I promise… I know I’ll get a lot more done… for a little while Smile.

3 comments on “How To Get Over the Loss of…well,… A Nail

  1. Debbie Deb says:

    I am sorry you had to chop it, but they look soooo nice!! I love it!!

  2. Dee says:

    I like that color. I guess I will do my green one next…


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