Newspaper Nails

My friend Natural Hair Styling by DiAnneB. (<—link to her page) sent me a wonderful link…

Newspaper Nails

I had to try it IMMEDIATELY….. I was so excited to see if I could make it work.  This was my first attempt:

OPI – Rumple’s Wiggin’ with the Trader Joe’s marketing circular
  312831_10150884331840383_877095382_21374406_902028794_n[1]     309583_10150884376355383_877095382_21374571_726115577_n[1]


I wasn’t 100% pleased with the results, so I had a do-over!  That’s one of the wonderful things about nails…. you get to try again. I liked my second try much better:

OPI – Moon Over Mumbai with The Chicago Reader
newspaper nails

Next time I’m going to try Comic Strip Nails as explained by cutepolish!

BFF – Bland for Fran, my bff

More than anything, I know with certainty that my best friend Fran, HATES a neutral color palette for her nails!
So I was searching for a wonderfully bland, neutral, non-stimulating color just for her!  LMAO. 

I actually found an absolutely beautifully finished and gracefully delicate and classy color in my Sinful Colors stash. Out of This World 
(My SDA-friendly polish lovers –>this is definitely one for you)   

 . . . . But then I got distracted, in my normal “polish ADHD” fashion, and had to swagggg that polish out.  I layered a couple of coats of Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty on top. Luv it!  The glitter in this polish has great coverage but the finish is smooth like no glitter exists.  This is good polish right here!

Sinful Colors – Out of This World

(left – Out of This World)                                        (right – w/Queen of Beauty)

out of this world     queen of beauty

the results:
frans polish      IMG_2192

I like the look of my nails better in everyday life than photos with the bottle of polish.  You can see the detail of the glitter in this pic from my cab ride on the way to work. Almost looks like aluminum foil 🙂