I got the “Blues”…..

In search of a loveable “blue” for my blue-hating friend Debbie…..  I found two vibrant, and eye-catching beautiful blues from Sinful Colors.

“Love Nails”
{this blue made me do a double-take in the mirror when I saw my hand!! Pretty!  – but Debbie “thumbs down-ed” it.  She’s obviously blind. lol}


“Midnight Blue”

You can’t deny the midnight blue.  GORGEOUS is an understatement.  That’s the prettiest blue I have ever viewed.  Even Debbie has to agree that’s a damn good-looking blue right there. lol

it even matched the “Bit-O-Honey” 🙂

Sephora by OPI–Garden of Good & Evil Collection

Contributor Dee Dee gave me a wonderful birthday gift! Polish!!! Smile of course.

The Garden of Good & Evil CollectionSephora by OPI
garden of good and evil

Completely Fernished”
completely fernished

“Eve-y On the Eyes”
Eve-y On the EyesEve-y On the Eyes2

Tempted By Teal”
tempted by teal

**** “Frankly I Don’t Give A-dam”
Frankly I don't give A-damFrankly I don't give A-dam2
****my favorite out of the collection


Mommie’s Nails……. she let me test them out on her hand.  Her hands remind me of my own…