The actual size of my nailbed, I realize, just doesn’t have THAT much space. 

I have a difficult time appreciating extensive nail art with 3D ornamentry (lol, I KNOW it’s not a word – yeah, yeah, ornamentation). 

Simply because of the limited area on a fingernail, visually digesting a bunch of rhinestones and feathers, numbers and letters, all at once,  is just way too overwhelming for my personal taste…. and thus was born:

the dot

OPI “Black Onyx”



It was such a statement, I just couldn’t add more.  and I love it.



Shelle’s dots

My sister finally let me do her nails.  She’s more conservative in her approach to color…. I run on the “loud” side of the color spectrum.   So we had to have a pre-manicure conversation.  I had to remind her that if she didn’t like it……… she could always just take it off…That speaks clearly to how different our tastes are, lol.

She chose a more subtle and cool color approach to her polish color and dotting choice:

OPI  “Moon Over Mumbai w/acrylic paint dotsIMG_2327