Purple Pebbles

I needed inspiration.  Phoned a friend. Winking smile 

I LOVED the finished design.


OPI – “Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok, Fine!”
& a myriad of other purple and gray polishes Laughing out loud


IMG_5196  IMG_5197

Sally Hansen–“Gray by Gray”

Blue.  I thought it was blue.  But the name is “Gray”.  so, ok:  Blue-Gray.  Or maybe Dark Gray with a very blue base?

Very creamy.  Opacity on “10”.  The formulation and applicator brush (wide and flat) is similar to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors.  And it dried fairly quickly, so that’s a #win.




I added a few light blue dots just to set off the color.  I think the light blue dots made the gray look even more blue.  lol.  I just can’t give up on the idea that this is blue  – not gray!

OPI–“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)

Suzi Takes The Wheel1     Beautiful crème gray…. but it’s not “just” gray.  Each time I want to call it gray, I just keep seeing a hint of green.   Like an undertone of camouflage green keeps peeking its little head out. ( I think the more accurate color would be “sage” though.)

You might say,  “well, I already have  a gray crème polish.”  I reply,  “not this one.”  Though it’s very neutral and seemingly subtle, something about it is very eye-catching in its smoothness.

Very nice coverage with this polish.  Nothing sheer about it.  Quality OPI.

      Suzi Takes The Wheel3