Shelle’s too cute mani

Just as I suspected normandlou’s Super Easy Flower Manicure was wanted.  The Butterfly wanted it, but my sister chose the design and beat her to her manicure this week. 

Turned out GREAT!  (Thanks normandlou!!!)

Sinful Colors – “Beautiful Girl”
OPI – “Pedal Faster Suzi”

IMG_3816  IMG_3814



I FINALLY settled on the center image from Konad plate – m8…after hours of polishing, stamping, removing, retrying, cleaning, repolishing, restamping, RE-removing….etc..  lol

But I couldn’t put it on all my nails because I realized I have no clue what this symbol means/says!!!!!

If you know what this says, LET ME KNOW!!!!  Smile.  I’d like to be “in the know” if I ever use this image again.

Anyway, it looks like tiles from my computer Mahjong game.  And now I feel inspired to go play a round. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – “Silver Sweep”
IMG_3769  IMG_3771


You know you wanna play too! Smile


Stamping Shortcuts

A lot goes into stamping.  It’s much more difficult than all the konad enthusiasts, nail polish bloggers, and tv commercials let on.  I have much more respect for stampers now. For real.

I couldn’t keep the stamping straight (I tried so hard!) haha…so I had to add some tiny dots to try to distract… lol.  I hope it worked.

OPI – “Tutti Fruiti Tonga”
Konad plate -  m15 (white special polish)
white acrylic paint dots w/super small dotting tool


IMG_3741  IMG_3742

I think this is the most delicate design so far.

Now for the shortcut! 

I realized that I would be using WAY too many paper towels, cotton squares and ENERGY at this pace.  So, I came up with the idea to use an acetone soaked sponge to clean the stamper, scraper and plates…as I stamped. 

The apex of this idea came from the Butterfly!  She suggested I use a soapdish as the container to hold the sponge!!!!!!  This child is a genius.  GENIUS!! It’s the perfect shape and the shallow depth accommodates easy swipes of the plates and holder.  No paper towel or cotton square waste! And when not in use, I can cover the top.  SOLUTION!

Easy Cleanup for Nail Stamping


The Butterfly and I hung out. Smile Of COURSE we did our nails…and practiced more stamping! And this stamping thing definitely takes practice.

She chose a really pretty blue: OPI – “What’s With The Cattitude”


Konad plate – m4


I finally settled on a color to match my dress for the party I attended later that evening. (The Butterfly picked out my shoes).

OPI – “Black Onyx”
Konad plate – m54
IMG_3681  IMG_3684

And we didn’t even use the butterfly stamps at all?!?!?



Signed, Stamped, Delivered…. I’m Yours

I can see this stamping thing getting out of hand very quickly.  lol

I am in love with the idea of stamping now. So many choices!!  I’ve used my stamping kit twice – TWO TIMES – and I have already started searching for more plates.  I’ll have them ordered by the end of next week, I’m sure of it.    This will be fun! Smile

China Glaze – “Concrete Catwalk”
OPI – “So Many Clowns…So Little Time”
Konad Plate – m36

IMG_3662  IMG_3661

I dragged my mother into my manicure practice.  Surprisingly (PLEASANTLY), she went all the way in…. and even let me practice stamping.  YAYYYYY!

OPI – “Bubble Bath”
Konad Plate – m4 & m21
IMG_3659  IMG_3660

I’m A Stamper!!!

Okay, Normally I don’t do this… *B2K/R. Kelly remix voice* (yes, that’s a link, lol)


but Amazon got me!!!!  I was looking for nail tapes… which I, in fact,  did order, but they haven’t arrived….. I think they are coming from somewhere in Hong Kong. The Konad Stamper kit and plates arrived much more quickly. 

OPI – “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes”

IMG_3624  IMG_3625

I was against doing my own stamping and resisted this purchase…. but all things in time, I suppose. Here I am practicing my first stamping mani.  Starting off gently:


IMG_3626  IMG_3627

I do love it already!  The Butterfly and I are going to have a BLAST doing manicures with this!

One day I may graduate to the mind-blowing stamping that heartNAT does.  Her creations are works of pure art! For example:
, , or .

Till then….

~~Happy 4th of July!!!~~