Stop Thief!

Even as a relatively new blogger on the scene, I know that you need to give credit for ownership. If it ain’t yours, you need to cite your source!!!

Most folks aren’t asking for money, they just don’t want you thieving their work!!!! That “copy and paste” function is in rampant use in the blogosphere…which explains prolific watermarking efforts. It still surprised me that a well-known company would do it.

My fellow nail polish blogger and new Twitter friend Swatch And Learn had the misfortune of having her photos printed without permission by Sinful Colors.

Her story is HERE.

And then The Swatch-A-Holic’s story is HERE.

It’s really a backhanded compliment.  “Your work is so incredible that I want to use it for everyone to see and give compliments, but not to you…. I want the compliments for myself.  You aren’t worth the recognition.”  


If it’s a good idea or a great photo….FROM SOMEONE ELSE….. don’t claim it as your own.  It’s tacky.  Disrespectful. Deceitful. Shady.  

End rant.