stamp, sparkle & swirl

China Glaze – “For Audrey” & “Golden Enchantment”
BundleMonster – BM-206

[Accent Nail]
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – “Blue Streak”
Northern Lights – “Gold Holographic


I love that holo glow Smile


Sally Stamped

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – “Jade Jump” & “Mint Sprint”
Shany Plate – SH18


I made a brief return to stamping.  Well, it may not end up brief.  I may linger here for a while because I think it’s so pretty.  These Insta-Dri colors are GREAT.  Quick drying for the base color, and perfect consistency for stamping. And I still have quite a few stamping plates to explore.


IMG_4112  IMG_4114

Penny Pumps

Essie – “Penny Talk”


♫ What more can I say?!?!?!?♫ *Jay Z voice*

I LOVE this mirror metallic.  love, love, love, love, love.

I purchased it with the specific intent to stamp it over black!   It was everything I hoped for.  Everything I dreamed it would be.

Coupled with my new Bundle Monster Plate (BM- 213), I couldn’t be more pleased.

IMG_3882  IMG_3881

♫ Oh I’m fancy, huh ♪… Winking smile . . . .  nails done……

I ain’t scared of no Bundle Monster!!

I am, however, a little overwhelmed.  LOL


Within these 25 plates are so many wonderful options.  I might be playing around practicing stamping a LOT…for a little while.


IMG_3872  IMG_3874

Here, I tested out stamping options with an OLDDDDDDD Wet ‘n’ Wild Pewter Metallic with Bundle Monster (BM-203) over China Glaze – “Trendsetter”.


Stamping Shortcuts

A lot goes into stamping.  It’s much more difficult than all the konad enthusiasts, nail polish bloggers, and tv commercials let on.  I have much more respect for stampers now. For real.

I couldn’t keep the stamping straight (I tried so hard!) haha…so I had to add some tiny dots to try to distract… lol.  I hope it worked.

OPI – “Tutti Fruiti Tonga”
Konad plate -  m15 (white special polish)
white acrylic paint dots w/super small dotting tool


IMG_3741  IMG_3742

I think this is the most delicate design so far.

Now for the shortcut! 

I realized that I would be using WAY too many paper towels, cotton squares and ENERGY at this pace.  So, I came up with the idea to use an acetone soaked sponge to clean the stamper, scraper and plates…as I stamped. 

The apex of this idea came from the Butterfly!  She suggested I use a soapdish as the container to hold the sponge!!!!!!  This child is a genius.  GENIUS!! It’s the perfect shape and the shallow depth accommodates easy swipes of the plates and holder.  No paper towel or cotton square waste! And when not in use, I can cover the top.  SOLUTION!

Easy Cleanup for Nail Stamping

I’m A Stamper!!!

Okay, Normally I don’t do this… *B2K/R. Kelly remix voice* (yes, that’s a link, lol)


but Amazon got me!!!!  I was looking for nail tapes… which I, in fact,  did order, but they haven’t arrived….. I think they are coming from somewhere in Hong Kong. The Konad Stamper kit and plates arrived much more quickly. 

OPI – “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes”

IMG_3624  IMG_3625

I was against doing my own stamping and resisted this purchase…. but all things in time, I suppose. Here I am practicing my first stamping mani.  Starting off gently:


IMG_3626  IMG_3627

I do love it already!  The Butterfly and I are going to have a BLAST doing manicures with this!

One day I may graduate to the mind-blowing stamping that heartNAT does.  Her creations are works of pure art! For example:
, , or .

Till then….

~~Happy 4th of July!!!~~