Can’t resist a neutral.   A lot of times, they are the perfect backdrop to a design.  And this one doesn’t disappoint.  

I chose a “pattern” but I’m thinking, this one would look great alone too!

OPI – “Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh”
(2012 Holland Collection)


IMG_3279  IMG_3275 

Par for OPI, the formulation is sublime.  Creamy and even application, with perfect opacity.  *two thumbs up*

6 comments on “Backdrops

  1. browniesbakery says:

    Cute cute and cute! When are you coming back to the DMV? I need a nail appt! You make me want to find a dotting tool and get to work!

  2. natashadw says:

    OK Cheryl, I must be Van Gogh illiterate, I was thinking flower power

  3. This is so pretty! Love it!


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